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May 17, 2022

PNL’s Predoiu: “Considering institution performance, the Government is under their counterparts in Albania and Ethiopia”

Romania has earned a lower score than Albania, Ethiopia and Vietnam at the evaluation of the performance of Government institutions, PNL Prime Vice-President Catalin Predoiu declared on Monday, quoting a recent report issued by the World Economical Forum.
“Regarding the institutional criterion, the institutional pylon, the criterion that evaluates the performance of Government institutions, the performance of the Government, Romania is placed 86th, under Albania, that holds the 84th position, under Ethiopia, that is positioned on 83 and under Vietnam, that is on 85”, Predoiu declared, stating that the report was issued by “elite economists”.

Predoiu also noticed that in the report, which evaluates 140 states based on 12 criteria, Romania is positioned 111th at “favouritism in Government officials’ decisions”, 114th at “squandering public money, lower than Mauritania, Trinidad and Tobago, or Peru” and 97th at “ethics and corruption of Government institutions”.

“This is the true face of the Ponta Government, the one the world can see, although both Mr. Ponta himself and Mr. Dragnea keep telling us that it is a good Government. It is a really good Government, indeed! The Ponta Government excels at corruption”, Predoiu commented.

The Liberal leader also pointed out that the “words” pronounced by Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea “are worth nothing outside Alexandria’s borders, they do not even reach the Western border” and that the present Government is a “group of tricksters”, trying to cover reality through propaganda.
“In particular, Romanian socialists are suffering of a form of utopia; they think they can mystify reality forever, regardless of how poorly they are ruling. It is not true anymore. The world is transparent, it is an open society and things are obvious, Mr. Ponta and Mr. Dragnea, intellectual void, experience void, the efficiency void of the PSD Government you are leading”, the PNL Prime Vice-President concluded dramatically.

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