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April 23, 2021

ALDE prepares for local elections

The leadership of the Liberal democrat Alliance (ALDE) validated on Monday the timetable of preparations for the local elections scheduled next year.
The leadership of ALDE validated on Monday the timetable of actions that the party should take in order to prepare for the local elections scheduled next year.
In the first stage, which will start this month and will end on December 15, the Liberal-Conservatives will organize a national and local campaign “on classical channels and online” in order to attract new party members.
“We set off from the premise that there is the need for a new political class, a fresh political class made up of people that have no kind of contestable past. There are a lot of politicians whose image is ruined because of corruption. Consequently, we want to bring new people, a breath of fresh air and people with professional competencies. We will engage in what I would call an aggressive campaign, in the good sense of the word, in order to attract new party members,” ALDE co-chair Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stated at the end of the meeting of ALDE’s leadership.
The system of direct elections will be used to designate candidates.
“Each party member will be able to vote those that become candidates in the local elections. (…) This has a double purpose: we can designate those that are really the best, not those that arranged the votes of the delegates on the basis of lobbying, and secondly we want to give all party members the message that their point of view matters in taking decisions. So we make them responsible, we make them parties to the taking of all important decisions,” the ALDE Co-President said.
This second stage, consisting of the election of candidates, will run from December 15 to March 15, the party’s representatives within the voting centres being set to be designated during the same period.
“The next stage, March 15 – April 30, has to do with preparing the candidates for the elections. We will do once again what is not being done in Romania: preparing the candidates. A lot of those who run have no kind of political training, they don’t know what to talk, they don’t know what the issues they should tackle are. After all, politics has to be done professionally too. Courses have to be followed,” Tariceanu emphasized, adding that he will devise a guidebook so that ALDE’s message would be coherent and unitary.
Another aspect taken into account by ALDE’s leadership concerns the removal of the “local barons’ model.”

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