CIA alleged prisons in Romania: Former President Ion Iliescu, questioned by the General Prosecutors’ Office

Ex-President Ion Iliescu was questioned at the General Prosecutors’ Office, in the file referring to the possible existence of CIA prisons in Romania, judiciary sources announced.
According to the quoted sources, Ion Iliescu’s inquiry has started two months, reports.
According to the same sources, Ion Iliescu has denied at that time the existence of CIA prisons on the territory of our country.
A delegation of the the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) in the European Parliament came to Bucharest in September to conduct interviews with Ion Iliescu, Ioan Talpes, Tiberiu Nitu and also with representatives of civil society, regarding the supposed CIA centres in Romania.
Former President Ion Iliescu did not meet the delegation, but sent the President of the LIBE Committee in the European Parliament, Claude Moraes, a letter expressing “regrets” for not being able to meet the delegation of the committee visiting Bucharest to collect information on the supposed CIA prisons and clarifies his position on this topic:
“The issue you are investigating does not concern the Romanian state directly. I would like to point out this thing very clearly. It is also the reason why the Investigation Committee of the Romanian Senate has reached the conclusion that there were no CIA prisons on Romania’s territory, that hosted abuses and violations against citizens’ rights and liberties. Nobody among the high officials of the Romanian state has approved the foundation of prisons belonging to another state on Romania’s territory and no ruler of another state demanded Romannia such thing. I have publicly made this declaration and I maintain it: I would have never approved the foundation of prisons belonging to another state on Romania’s territory”, the letter emphasises.

Ion Iliescu also says that he took note of the US Congress report, yet, that he is unaware of any complaints by possible victims who were abused on Romania’s territory.
“I have taken note of the American Congress Report referring to CIA’s use of torture. I am unaware of the existence of any complaints by possible victims that might have been abused on Romania’s territory. If there are any of them, Justice must pay its dues. It is the right of victims to gain compensations for the suffering they endured. I have publicly declared that violence is not combated by additional violence, that we must address the profound causes generating acts of terrorism”, the letter shows.

Also, Ion Iliescu says that he had expressed several times his point of view regarding “a painful subject that challenges the limits of actions to be undertaken by states in extremely sensitive cases, such as combating terrorism”.

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