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May 6, 2021

Troubled waters among Liberals

There are perpetual arguments between the two camps inside the National Liberal Party (PNL), the one of Democrat Liberals and the one of old Liberals, both in the central branch and in local ones, over one year after the fusion.

The main reason is represented by candidacies to local elections: due to the fact that, at the given time, PNL is hosting an internal competition for selecting Mayoralty candidates, there are few places where each camp has its own attendant.
Thus, conflicts take place in the main cities, starting with Bucharest, disputed by Cristian Busoi and Ludovic Orban, Iasi – where no less than eight candidates announced the intention to join the internal race, and a similar number was registered in Piatra Neamt. The race for the Mayoralty of Constanta is disputed by Deputy Mihai Tararache and the nephew of the ICR manager, Robert Boroianu, and political tensions are reported at the Ramnicu – Valcea Mayoralty as well.
The President of PNL Valcea, Cristian Buican, had declared that Mircia Gutau, a two-time corruption convict, could be appointed the candidate o the party, much to the discontentment of the centre, while political disputes regarding candidacies occurred both in Bacau, Suceava or Cluj, according to Evenimentul Zilei.
Also, the suspicions concerning arrangements between PNL and PSD have caused other controversies at local level. It is the case of PNL Braila, Vrancea or Buzau. “How could you perform a campaign in the territory against PSD, when you, PNL, have officials kept in their positions by PSD? He (old Liberals, editor’s note), are making an arrangement now, at the elections of 2016 and, afterwards, I will be called to Bucharest and Blaga would question me on poor results”, a local PDL Co-President declared for EVZ.
All of these tensions are further increased by the fact that although PNL organizations were supposed to have one president until 2017, over 95 per cent of them are still based on a system of two co-Presidents.

PNL nominates Ludovic Orban as Lower Chamber Deputy Speaker

PNL Lower Chamber lawmaker Ludovic Orban was nominated on Tuesday by PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu for the position of Lower Chamber Deputy Speaker, a position vacated following Dan Motreanu’s resignation. The proposal will be approved in the upcoming meeting of the group of Liberal Lower Chamber MPs, and then forwarded to the Lower Chamber’s Permanent Bureau.
The nomination comes after PNL Lower Chamber MP Dan Motreanu filed his resignation from the position of Lower Chamber Deputy Speaker on October 1. Motreanu has been arraigned in the case concerning the financing of the 2008 elections campaign, being charged with money laundering.

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