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June 29, 2022

Will Dancu be the new Premier?

The political rumour mill has lately credited sociologist Vasile Dancu with being PSD’s potential Premier, an option that the Social-Democrats are allegedly negotiating with the Presidential Palace in order to replace Victor Ponta.
Many did not give credence to this option since Dancu is not a member of PSD, however Dragnea announced at the end of the week that he will have Dancu as a member of his team, having persuaded him to move closer to the party and to get involved in “setting some serious goals.”
Moreover, PSD Interim President Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday that he managed to persuade sociologist Vasile Dancu, the President of IRES.
Asked on Wednesday what he meant by that, the Social-Democrat answered: “I referred to the fact that I persuaded him to be a more active presence in what concerns promoting the Romanian left wing and PSD’s doctrinaire clarification and a clarification of PSD’s identity and in order to clarify and establish some serious goals for this party and for the Romanian left wing. There was no mention of a position within the party, let’s clarify this,” Dragnea stated, being quoted by Agerpres.
Moreover, Liviu Dragnea nuanced his position on Tuesday, stating that it is compulsory for the Premier to be nominated by PSD, not for him to be a PSD member. A sign that PSD could propose an independent Premier.
“PSD will not be part of a Government in which the Premier is not proposed by PSD. That’s out of the question,” Dragnea said on Romania TV on Tuesday evening.
In his turn, Dancu avoided giving a clear-cut answer in what concerns his possible nomination for the office of Premier.
Asked whether he would turn down the proposal if asked, Vasile Dancu stated: “I cannot talk about more or less fantastic science-fiction information, about ideas launched on the market. Don’t force me to state things that I don’t want to state, I’m not interested, at the present I have other things to do.”

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