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October 20, 2020

Former president Basescu returns to politics, becomes People’s Movement Party member

Former President Traian Basescu announced on Friday that he became a member of the People’s Movement Party (PMP).

“The first and most important reason of my returning to the political life is connected with what happens starting with December 22, 2014. A frenzied campaign of denigration of my two tenures at the Cotroceni [Presidential] Palace, a denial of the changes the country passed through during this 10-year period, extremely important transformations that have consolidated the rule of law. And, likewise, the huge effort by some media trusts – and yet to my surprise, [also] by state bodies I have strengthened the long of my mandates – to discredit me personally. This is why the only solution I’ve got is to come back to the political life, to defend my two tenures and defend myself in front of the denigration wave,” Basescu said in a statement at the PMP headquarters.

The former head of state added that his political comeback is also connected to the human rights.

“I’ve learned during these last 11 months since I’ve completed my second term that I should have added something to my vision and effort of consolidation of the state’s institutions, which I didn’t do. I’ll do it now, as an Opposition’s politician, namely the respect for the human rights. (…) A man, even if guilty, has the right to a fair investigation and a fair trial; not a trial directed by media campaigns the magistrates follow, making decisions against a man’s life and liberty,” he explained.

Basescu mentioned that in his new position he will remain a very uncomfortable politician.

“I’ve seen harassment I couldn’t believe possible in Romania, after these 10 years in officee. I thought the state institutions have understood that there are limits. And yet it seems they didn’t. They barely waited for the place at the Cotroceni Palace to be vacated to return to their old habits, to be used as persecution tools against inconvenient politicians. I promise you I’ll remain a very uncomfortable politician. Without looking for war, but no one will ever shut my mouth. These tactics were also applied before I became President. I can see that as soon as I finished my tenure as president, it was resurrected. Which means that I was right saying I have not defeated the system, I’ve just kneeled it. The moment I left, it went up on its feet again. The system must understand that democracy is not optional, that people cannot be harassed just because an institution’s head wants it,” the ex-President asserted.

Another major argument for his return in the political arena is his wish to leave the legacy of a popular movement.

“Never being possible to leave as legacy a Liberal Democrat Party (PDL), I’ll leave a people’s movement,” said Basescu.

Dozens of fans of the former president were present at the Dozens of fans of the former president were present at the PMP’s Hqs., some of whom wearing banners reading “Basescu, we are the children of the rule of law!”

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