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May 23, 2022

Reconciliation in PSD for elections’ sake: MEP Cătălin Ivan forgets about war with Liviu Dragnea

Social Democrat Party (PSD) MEP Catalin Ivan (photo) seems to be willing to bury the hatchet and end the war with the interim president of his party, Liviu Dragnea. He said the situation in which PSD was, with a candidate for party president facing a possible final conviction – Liviu Dragnea – was ‘a very bad scenario for PSD, but a risk taken by my colleagues who voted on CEx’.

Catalin Ivan also referred to the real PSD-UNPR relations, which, currently, is one of reconnaissance. Asked why Liviu Dragnea was the only candidate left in the race and if there were no more PSD leaders apart from him, the MEP answered: ‘No. CEx, the decision-making body under the Statute, has set certain rules for the election of the president. The election by all party members is in the Statute, it was not invented especially for Liviu Dragnea. If CEx decided his was the only valid candidacy considering the existing rules, there is nothing more to say’, Ivan told ziare.com.

‘It is Liviu Dragnea’s decision to run, exposing himself to even greater pressure’, added the MEP.
The PSD MEP also explained why he had decided not to run for the PSD presidency: ‘I don’t think anyone in PSD is still interested in a serious debate on projects of reorganisation and reform. That time will come, probably after the parliamentary election next year. My winter project included measures that should have been taken then, right after losing election. Now it is not the best time for something like that’.

‘I will work with anyone in order to win elections next year’

Ivan also said that ‘PSD is now facing some very important exams and it needs to bring together all its available resources for elections’. He mentioned his relations with the party interim president, Liviu Dragnea, burying the hatchet and taking a neutral tone concerning Dragnea. ‘I have not re-evaluated him and Dragnea has most certainly not re-evaluated me. Hope that, after the talk, we can exit the confusion area. Of course I will work with anyone in order to win next year’s elections. I do not believe Dragnea is my big supporter, nor am I his. The important thing is for our joint efforts to lead to winning elections’.

Moreover, the MEP also commented on the difficult situation PSD was currently in, but also PNL, given Blaga and Gorghiu’s legal issues. Catalin Ivan does not believe PSD would disintegrate following Dragnea’s possible conviction in the Referendum case. ‘I am familiar with the local structures. The conviction in passed by the court of first instance is a rather symbolic one and it gives a certain amount of optimism to CEx members. It is very possible that we may see the other scenario – an acquittal – and they would have won the bet.

Catalin Ivan also referred to PM Victor Ponta’s criminal issues and noted that PSD had made a proposal to Iohannis to unlock the situation and prevent a possible political crisis from happening. ‘The discussion is complex. If PSD is able to nominate its own PM and keep its majority, I am convinced that Victor Ponta would take a step back. But we are not in that situation. We are in the situation where Klaus Iohannis insists on bringing Alina Gorghiu to Victor Palace’, Ivan said.

As for the image of Romania in European politics, given that the premier undergoes trial in a corruption case, the MEP said it was ‘a problem Romania ahs in front of all its foreign partners’, one that affects the country.
‘If Klaus Iohannis had not been so keen on installing his own Liberal government, he would have found a way to unlock the situation. Victor Ponta has also said that, if the president appointed a prime-minister from the current ruling coalition, he would quit’, Catalin Ivan further said.

Liviu Dragnea: Cătălin Ivan is a young man who needs to be recovered by the party

PSD MEP Catalin Ivan is ‘a young man who needs to be recovered for the party’, the interim president of the Social-Democrats, Liviu Dragnea, said on Sunday. He added that he and Ivan would talk.
‘He is a young man who needs to be recovered for the party (…). I understand he ahs a very good activity as a member of the European Parliament. I will talk to him. With more patience and wisdom, he could have a good future in PSD’, Dragnea said.
In September, Ivan was saying that things seemed to be headed in the right direction in PSD and that he could no longer criticise the party leader, Liviu Dragnea, as PSD was discussing more projects and less people. Previously, Dragnea had been the target of repeated criticism from the MEP, Ivan even urging him to quit his office in PSD.

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