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September 21, 2020

Incoming Belgian ambassador Baekelandt, Foreign Minister Aurescu discuss widening bilateral economic cooperation

Romania’s Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu on Friday welcomed Belgium’s next ambassador in Bucharest Thomas Baekelandt to discuss widening economic cooperation between the two countries.

“Both officials voiced hope for the amplification of economic cooperation between the two countries and underscored the significant weight of such cooperation in the development and diversification of their countries’ bilateral relationship,” the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) reported in a press statement on Friday.

Aurescu is quoted as having voiced satisfaction over the excellent level of the bilateral relationship between Romania and Belgium, wishing ambassador Baekelandt good luck with his mission in Romania.

At their meeting, the two officials also underscored the importance of Romanian-Belgian bilateral cooperation being further consolidated, underscoring the essential part of political dialogue in the process. Aurescu and the Belgian ambassador discussed a schedule for future political and diplomatic meetings.

The two also pointed to the tradition and importance of decentralised cooperation between Romania and Belgium, as well as the substance awarded to sectorial cooperation between the two countries, says MAE.

They hailed the 5th forum of Romanian-Belgian decentralised cooperation to be hosted by the Romanian city of Iasi, November 5-7, 2015, the Foreign Ministry also informs.

Aurescu underscored the importance attached by Romania to the Republic of Moldova, as well as the need to support Moldova’s efforts at a European level to continue reforms and get closer to the European Union, given that Baekelandt will be accredited to Moldova as well.

Baekelandt came up to MAE to present his letters of credence and take over the Belgian diplomatic mission in Romania.

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