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November 23, 2022

Adrian Nastase, warning for Liviu Dragnea: If you want peace, prepare for war”

Former Premier Adrian Nastase writes on his blog that he has carefully watched PSD’s internal elections and the preparations for them. Nastase states that the formula used by the Social-Democrats in Sunday’s elections was first proposed by him in 2004 but could not be implemented “because of the results of the presidential elections.” The former Premier concluded his blog article with a warning for Liviu Dragnea: “If you want peace, prepare for war!”

Adrian Nastase’s message:

Albeit a spectator, I have carefully watched the preparations for the election of PSD’s President and yesterday’s elections. Few recall that this formula for electing the party president was proposed by me, in 2004, simultaneously with the proposal of holding party primaries for general elections. It was a symmetric formula for the election of PSD’s leader.
We are taking over the model of the French Socialist Party and of the Israeli Labour Party. It could not be implemented after 2004 because of the presidential elections results. That is why, at the 2005 Congress, the classical option was adopted, considering it was an extraordinary congress. The same happened at the Extraordinary Congress of 2006. In 2010 the battle was over establishing each county branch’s number of delegates. In the end, Victor Ponta was elected. Marian Vanghelie has recently emphasized my role in electing Ponta. He is modest. His role was at least just as important. At first I signed up for the race for the position of party president. In order to re-elect himself, Mircea Geoana doubled Vanghlie’s – who was at the time his right-hand man – number of delegates at the Congress, proposed that each candidate should come with a blocked list of Vice Presidents (with him placing party branch presidents, most of them appointed by him, on his list) and organizing the Congress not at the Palace of Parliament but at Romexpo, where Vanghelie was experienced in organizing events! In these conditions, I bowed out but endorsed Ponta, whose qualities I continue to appreciate. At that Congress meeting, in 2010, the formula of electing the president through universal ballots was introduced. The first exercise of its kind took place yesterday. I continue to believe that it is a good option, useful for “tallying” the party’s active members, for testing the capacity to organize, the capacity for quick mobilization, the morale of party militants. A useful exercise for the party’s strength and unity.
It was also a test for Liviu Dragnea’s qualities as organizer. He confirmed his power to mobilize party structures, to “wake them up” following the 2014 presidential elections. Congratulations, Liviu!

P.S. Considering my experiences, I nevertheless add an old Roman saying: “Si vis pacem, para bellum!” (If you want peace, prepare for war – editor’s note).

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