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January 25, 2022

Single digital market: 48pct of Romanians currently use Internet; EU average 75pct

Only 48 percent of Romanians use the Internet, below the EU average of 75pct, show the official figures unveiled on Monday in a specialized conference organized at the headquarters of the representation office of the European Commission in Romania.

According to the national chart on the single digital market, 17pct of internet users in Romania buy online (the relevant EU average standing at 63pct), while on the segment of cross-border online shopping, the percentage drops significantly to 2pct of total users, compared to 18pct in the EU states.

As for the trust and security, most internet users in Romania (36pct) are concerned about data security when it comes to an online payment, while 22pct of these are unsure they will not receive the products ordered.

At the enterprise level, the statistics show that, in Romania, only 7.3pct of SMEs sell products and services online, compared to an EU average of 15pct. Also at cross-border level, percentages decrease to 3.4pct and 6.5pct.

In terms of internet connectivity, European data show that, in Romania, 54pct of households use fixed broadband services and 43pct are connected to mobile broadband services. On the other hand, 25pct of the rural households in Romania are covered with broadband networks, compared to an EU average of 18pct.

The statistical documents on the digital single market also show that as far as digital, competence is concerned, only 39pct of Romanian have never used the Internet (EU average – 18pct) and only 20pct know how to send emails, use editing tools or install new devices, compared to the European average of 59pct, Agerpres reports.

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