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January 23, 2022

Traian Basescu joined PMP: “I will remain an extremely inconvenient politician, without wanting any war”

When he ended his last presidential term, Traian Basescu declared that he wished to take a break from politics to spend quality time with his grandchildren. Yet, the former Head of the State did not endure spending too much time away from the spotlights and the political scene.

Basescu declared on Friday at the National College of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) that he returned to politics in order to defend his two terms and to defend himself of the “furious denigrating campaign” he claimed to have began on December 22, 2014.
“Honestly, I did not believe I would join another party after I finished my term as Romania’s President. Yet, they force me to do it, and I have a few reasons to do this thing. The first and most important reason of my return to politics is connected to what has been going on since December 22, 2014, a furious denigrating campaign of my two terms as the President of Romania, denying the changes this country has been going through in this ten-year interval, although they are extremely important and they have consolidated the Constitutional state and, also, the immense efforts the media trusts are making, as well as, much to my surprise, certain institutions of the state I consolidated during my presidential terms, to discredit me personally.
Therefore, my only solution is to reenter politics and to defend both myself and my two presidential terms from denigration”, Traian Basescu declared.

The ex-President also stated that he had noticed, in the eleven months that passed since he finished his term, that his vision and effort of consolidating the institutions of the state should have been completed by respect for human rights. He declared he would focus on this latter point from now on, “as a political person in the Opposition”.
“During my ten years as President, I have always pointed out the need to consolidate institutions, the need to have strong institutions, the need to simply crush corruption networks or to make corrupt politicians face trials. Yet, I have never granted consistent attention to the fact that, simultaneously with consolidating institutions, we should develop responsibility for human rights”, the former President declared, outlining that “even if guilty, the person has the right to a fair inquiry, not to a trial fueled by media campaigns that would influence magistrates into reaching decisions disregarding the life and freedom of a person”.

Traian Basescu also accused the institutions of the state, claiming that they had waited that the position in Cotroceni would become vacant, to turn again into “instruments of harassing inconvenient politicians”.
“I believed that institutions have understood that there were limits, but it seems that they failed to do this, so that they could hardly wait for the position in Cotroceni to become vacant, in order to return to their old habits – to be used as instruments of harassing inconvenient politicians”, the former President declared.

Traian Basescu also promised the supporters who had shown up at the headquarters of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) that he was to remain a “highly inconvenient politician”, adding though that he would not fuel any wary yet, nobody would ever “shut his mouth”.
“I promise you that I will remain a highly inconvenient politician, without intending to fuel any wars, but that nobody would ever shut my mouth”, Basescu emphasized.
The former Head of the State also pointed out that the system he had brought to its knees is now imposing itself again and that this system has to understand that “democracy is not optional and that people cannot be harassed just because the head of an institution wants to.”

“This tactic was applied before I became President, and after my terms ended, it was revived. This means that I was right when I said I had not defeated the system, just brought it to its knees. It is imposing itself again. And now this system must understand that democracy is not optional and that people cannot be harassed just because the head of an institution wants to, and this is another reason why I come back to politics. It is because I have experienced and I am experiencing directly the extraordinary efficiency I have provided these institutions, without warning them, as I have never foreseen that they would start brutally violating human rights and allow themselves be used as harassment tools against human rights”, Basescu declared.
He also said that, besides the reasons presented above, the major motive of his return to politics was that he cannot leave a Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) as a heritage, and therefore, he would leave a Popular Movement.

“If I cannot leave the heritage of a PDL, I will leave a popular movement”

“These are a few reasons, not to mention the major motive, that I cannot leave a PDL as a heritage, and therefore, I will leave a Popular Movement”, Traian Basescu concluded.
PMP was founded after the Parliament elections in 2012, under the circumstances that, in March 2013, President Traian Basescu announced on Facebook that he said farewell to PD and PDL, mentioning that he would dedicate himself to another right-wing construction. The announcement was made after PDL chose Vasile Blaga as President, instead of Elena Udrea.
Under Udrea’s coordination, a group that left PDL afterwards has founded PMP. At the time being, PMP is led by Deputy Eugen Tomac and only has four members in the Parliament.

Basescu wants to change the name of PMP in Popular Movement: “There may be several political trends in MP”.

Traian Basescu suggested on Friday, at the National College of the Popular Movement Party (PMP), that the group would be renamed, simply, Popular Movement, pointing out that the group should not contain a sole right-wing trend, but instead, focus on generating solutions for Romania.
“It is highly important that the Congress of October 24 would be a Congress of relaunch to the party, on one hand, and that would bear significance in changing the name, as I do not like the sound of Popular Movement Party. Obviously, I am seeking your opinions, as well, yet my point is that Popular Movement is enough, and it provides the electorate the opportunity to choose. We should not focus on one right-wing trend”, former President Traian Basescu declared.
“We must accept that, inside the Popular Movement, there may be left wing and right wing trends as well instead of imposing the right-wing option I personally expose without any hesitation”, Traian Basescu outlined.

EU is at a challenging point

Also, the former Head of the State that has just joined PMP, declared that the refugee quota system encourages the immigrants’ flow to Europe and that the “EU is at a challenging point”.
“I think that EU is facing a challenging point. We are now in the year 2015, but I wonder what the quotas would be for 2016 and 2017. I think that the approach based on quotas is a poor choice, that will destroy cohesion inside the EU”, Basescu declared.

Traian Basescu also added that Europe was affected by two events that have thoroughly shattered its cohesion: the first of them was economical crisis and the crisis of the Euro area, and the second was the crisis of immigrants.
“It is highly necessary that Romania would establish its positions concerning the changes in the EU, that would certainly appear as a result of these crises”, the former President declared, pointing out that he did not rule out the increase of the security crisis that occurred in the EU due to the situation in Ukraine and in the Transnistria.”, Basescu concluded.

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