Vicente López-Brea Fernández, Education Attaché to the Embassy of Spain in Bucharest: Spanish in Romania-why we are here

The Education Office at the Spanish Embassy in Bucharest represents the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. All the common fields existing between two loyal partners in Europe Agregado Educación Vicente López-Breaare the elements of the day-to-day work. However, if we need to single out one of the central elements of our presence and our compromise with Romania’s interest and investment for education we may well find it in our 10 Romanian-Spanish sections, where Romanian students may attain a double degree, Romanian and Spanish, at the pre-university level.

In each of our bilingual sections Spanish language receives a thorough treatment, and so does Spanish Literature, Geography, History and Art. As a consequence our students attain levels of language proficiency of B2 (or even C1) according to the European Framework of Languages.

In these sections, Spanish teachers support the excellent work of their Romanian colleagues and contribute to enlarge the educational offer of these Lycées. They contribute to open roads to new fields that will certainly provide new horizons and opportunities for young Romanian students.

Every year, students from all the Spanish sections compete at the national level for the pride to represent Romania at the International Festival of School Theatre in Spanish. In 2015 Bucharest was the host of this great event where students from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Check Republic, Russia and, of course, Romania showed their artistic talent… and mastery in Spanish!

Education is certainly changing. The focus is no longer in retaining and putting forward content, but towards enabling students to face changing environments. Languages, no doubt, are an essential tool (and notably the transnational dimension of Spanish throughout the world!). We have been, are and will continue to be working hand in hand with Romanian authorities to empower new generations with the richness and flexibility of a world language: Spanish!

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