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March 23, 2023

Dragnea’s negotiations with President Iohannis for replacing the PM: To be.. or not to be

Liviu Dragnea said on Sunday, answering a question on whether he would negotiate with Klaus Iohannis the change of the premier after the PSD election, that he would only talk about it if there were any ‘requests’ or ‘invitations’ on the subject, which had not happened.
Dragnea was asked if he and the president would talk on the subject of replacing the current Government right now, after the internal election in PSD. Dragnea said he ‘would not talk’ about it for the moment.

‘I have no reason to knock on a door and talk to someone about how we should unseat the Government’

‘I will talk about this if it happens, if there are any requests or invitations. My position has not changed a lot and would have had no reason to change after this vote. All I had to say on the subject I said publicly, without hesitation and pretty clear’, Dragnea said.
Asked if it meant he would wait for an invitation from the president, the PSD leaders answered: ‘I have no reason to knock on a door and talk to someone about how we should unseat the Government’.

Ponta on his dismissal: Will Iohannis knock at the K10 door? Be serious!

Prime-Minister Victor Ponta said on Monday, referring to possible negotiations for replacing him as prime-minister, that what Liviu Dragnea had said was ‘very good’.
‘I have heard what Mr. Dragnea said, I have also seen how you’ve turned it around, what he said is very good. I don’t think a person, be he of divine essence, can find words, something you (the journalists –editor’s note) will not turn around. I heard what Liviu said, but there is no need for anything more, I know what I and Liviu Dragnea talked and I think we should keep on doing our work. Will Klaus Iohannis knock at the door in K10 (Kiseleff Boulevard no. 10, the PSD national headquarters – editor’s note)? Please be serious!’ said Victor Ponta.

Liberal co-chair Blaga: We wish Ponta’s removal from PM, yet Dragnea’s idea odd

The National Liberal Party (PNL)’s co-chair Vasile Blaga has on Monday declared that the Liberals wish the removal of incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta, but he labeled as odd the stance of the Social-Democrat’s leader Liviu Dragnea on this matter.

Dragnea stated on Sunday, when being asked if he were to negotiate with President Klaus Iohannis the removal of Premier Ponta after the Social Democrat Party (PSD)_ elections, that he would talk about this topic if only upon ‘demands’ or ‘invitations’.

“We want the removal of Victor Ponta (from head of Government – editor’s note), but I could not understand Mr. Dragnea’s position. I mean, what is he asking the President and who gives him the right to ask this? Another screwy idea. We have a Constitution that says exactly what steps are to be followed in the moment when the PSD could eventually conclude that Mr. Ponta, by ruling the government does a lot of harm to Romania and to the PSD, that otherwise they are not interested,” Blaga said after the PNL National Political Bureau.

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