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May 18, 2022

Liviu Dragnea: I hope PSD’s breaking away from communism starts with me

National leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said Monday evening that he hopes PSD’s breaking away from communism will start with him.

“I hope PSD’s breaking away from communism will start with me, because I was not a member of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR). I say once again, I have nothing against the former PCR members because they indeed contributed to the development of the country. I never had and never will I have a communist attitude or practice. It will be a good thing if I am the one that manages to erase this perception,” he said after a meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee.

Asked if the PSD Congress at its extraordinary convention this Sunday will pass a resolution condemning communism, Dragnea said, “Communism has been so much condemned by so many former communists that such a demarche might no longer be credible. I believe that a certain attitude can make you seem a communist and make you as a party seem to follow such practice. I believe the condemnation of communism was done in Parliament.”

He added that for the image of his party the actions of the PSD leaders and members are what matter, adding that compared with the labels of the past, the worst are the labels of the present.”

“I believe it is important what we do in the period immediately ahead, both the party leaders, and the ministers, the Government, the MPs, our communicators, and also our political programme to be adopted by the Congress,” he said.

The PM will have right to vote in PSD’s National Standing Bureau

Liviu Dragnea said that the prime minister will have the right to vote in the PSD’s National Standing Bureau (BPN) and that ministers will be allowed to participate in the meetings if they are invited.

“We have discussed that those elected to the Congress should have the right to vote in the Standing Bureau. Moreover, the National Council chairman and the prime minister [will have] the right to vote, because when a party is at rule, the public policies it draws up are implementing by the prime minister and it is natural for him to be able to vote,” Dragnea said at Parliament Palace, at the end of a meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee.

He added that the ministers will be allowed to participate in the BPN meetings when they are invited when topics related to the areas they coordinate are under consideration.

“There is no longer an executive secretary. Regional secretaries emerge who will have a very important role in terms of organising and coordinating regional policy,” Dragnea said.

“Gabriel Oprea came up with a support message for me and Victor Ponta”

Dragnea said Monday, after the meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee (CExN) that National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) national leader Gabriel Oprea came up with a support message both for him, the newly elected Social Democrat chairman, and for Prime Minister Victor Ponta, and he was also “animated” by the desire for collaboration between the two parties.

“He came with a very good message, of congratulations for me, naturally, of support for me and for Victor Ponta, for me, as party chairman, and for Victor Ponta, as prime minister. [A message] on the desire to strengthen and revive the Centre-Left Alliance and animated by the desire to continue the collaboration between the PSD and the UNPR,” Dragnea said, when asked what the message the UNPR leader came up at the CExN meeting was.

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