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December 4, 2022

Marian Vanghelie: “I feel very clean. As clean as someone can be in Romania”

Former Bucharest District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie stated that he mulls running in next year’s local elections. He stated that he would have chances to win because, in his opinion, his popularity among voters has risen ever since he was arrested.
“I’m up 15 pc in the polls. I am touched by this. I have an emotional connection with District 5 but I am also thinking about me and my family and I don’t know what decision to take. But I feel connected with the administration and with what is going on in the country and in District 5,” Vanghelie stated on B1 TV.
Likewise, the former mayor also talked about his experience in jail. He stated that several days ago he was asked whether Sorin Oprescu could benefit from special conditions considering his state of health. “And I said – this is wonderful! You have Spa in the morning, you go, you relax!” He also talked about the jokes he used to pull on newcomers in the jail cell. “If you want to squeal to the DNA, take a phone number but call quickly if you want to, you have the court appearance tomorrow, so you could go home. And people were asking: “Is that how it works?” Yes, all of us made that phone call when we arrived: I want to file a denunciation” Vanghelie recounted.
In what concerns the charges brought against him, he stated: “If I organized those New Year’s Eve parties, they are in my indictment, and I accepted sponsorships in order to bring together 10,000 people on New Year’s Eve, and I stood there with them and I didn’t go anywhere else, I’m not sorry. And I don’t believe I did anything wrong. And I could talk about many other things. If I took 20 lorries full with drinking water to the victims of the disaster in Botosani, and I accepted a sponsorship from the city hall, I honestly tell you I’m not sorry. I would do the same thing over again, because I believe I did something natural and normal.”
“I feel very clean. As clean as someone can be in Romania. There are things that, I believe, I will be able to prove in court, if God helps me. And I want to believe that this is the only chance for me: to believe in the judiciary,” Vanghelie added. He also stated he has regrets but they concern members of his entourage.
“There are also things I regret doing. Maybe I am sorry for not being careful about the persons I welcomed in my office, I talked to, I befriended or wasted time with, people who were not worth it,” the former mayor said.
In what concerns PSD and Victor Ponta, Vanghelie stated that he is “disappointed by people who were powerful within PSD and who did not realize how dangerous Victor Ponta is.” He gave Adrian Nastase and Ion Iliescu as examples. “They backed him and I believe they didn’t realize it. I am certain that, even if they aren’t saying anything today, they aren’t saying anything because of their elegance in politics and diplomacy, but I am certain they realize that they have actually sent us ten years back. He’s a child who did not understand that the toy…,” the former mayor said about the current Premier.
In what concerns the fact that Liviu Dragnea has been elected PSD President, Vanghelie believes that he has become party president “thanks to Victor Ponta’s accidental policy.”
“Liviu Dragnea was elected because it was a negative vote against Ponta, not necessarily because someone had something against Rovana. It was simply a vote against Ponta,” the former mayor added, not forecasting a good future for the party whose member he was.
“The future elections will be a disaster for PSD, because nobody realizes that this government is bad for democracy in Romania. Because the Liberals will be able to win a large number of votes without doing anything.”

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