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May 17, 2021

Unusual flash flood in Constanta County

A rare meteorological phenomenon occurred Monday night in the area of Corbu locality in Constanta County. Meteorologists say it rained in 24 hours as much as it normally rains in a whole month, with 176 litres recorded per square metre. The flash flood blocked the road from Navodari to Corbu and 23 persons were rescued in the last minute by the firemen after the vehicles they were in were swept by the water. Two SMURD ambulances took over the injured people and the authorities closed the road.
The major flash flood led to the evacuation of several Corbu locals. They spent the night in a building provided by the municipality.
‘There are 30 – 40 flooded houses, we’ll see what happened with the goods inside. There are a few streets with approximately half a metre of mud which cannot be used. Two kilometres of the county road turned into a river flowing from the East to West. We entered a house to rescue two children and their mother. The level of the water in the house of 120 cm, we had to carry them out through the window’, said Corbu Mayor Marian Galbinasu on Digi24 TV.
He said he had received the code amber warning when the water was already very high at Corbu.
‘We received the code amber warning when we were already under water. Yesterday we received warnings for 25 – 30 litres, code yellow. Last night at 20:00 – 21:00 when we were already taking out the children from their homes, it had turned into a code amber warning’, he explained.

Interior Minister Oprea: ‘Priority was to save human lives’

The Minister of Interior, Gabriel Oprea, said on Tuesday that the authorities were still acting in Constanta County where the large quantities of water accumulating from rainfall turned the road connecting the town of Navodari to Corbu into a river in a matter of minutes.
‘The priority was to save human lives. We have acted ever since last night (Monday – editor’s note), he mayor took measures, accommodated the people at the house of culture and provided them with food. We operate with 42 firemen, 20 gendarmes, five fire engines and two motor-pumps. The important thing is that we did not have any fatalities. I am in touch with the head of ISU. There is an emergency committee in Constanta County’, said the minister.
‘Because there is still a lot of water, they are bringing a much bigger capacity motor-pump that will pump out the water. There are no issues in other areas, but we are watching the situation’, Minister Oprea added.
The specialists say the cold air front covering the country these days that brought along sleet and snow that fell in some regions will go away, and the temperature will rise to highs of 20 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, it will be getting cold again starting next week, however this time the highs will be close to what’s normal for this time of the year, according to the two-week forecast issued by the National Meteorology Administration.

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