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September 23, 2020

ANI: 32 former and present members of the Parliament in conflict of interests

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) has noted that 32 present or former members of the Parliament, including Kelemen Atilla, Madalin Voicu, Ion Stan, Mihaita Calimente, Bogdan Ciuca, Iulian Iancu and Ion Mocioalca have been in conflict of interests for employing relatives at Parliament offices.
According to ANI, 14 present Deputies, 17 former Deputies and a Senator employed their relatives in their permanent offices, and the total value of contracts signed violating the legal regime of conflicts of interests totalized RON 1,062,798 (approximately EUR 240,000).
Therefore, politicians found in conflict of interests were Deputies Mihaita Calimente, Liviu-Bogdan Ciuca, Gheorghe Firczak, Iulian Iancu, Miron Ignat, George Ionescu, Kelemen Atilla-Bela-Laszlo, Ion Mocioalca, Iuliu Nosa, Laurentiu Nistor, Vasile Daniel Oajdea, Neculai Ratoi, Ion Stan and Madalin Stefan Voicu, as well as Senator Catalin Croitoru.

Conflict of interests was registered during their terms as members of the Parliament by former Deputies Aledin Amet, Gheorghe Ana, Stefan Vasile Beres, William Gabriel Branza, Viorel Vasile Buda, Sorin Gheorghe Buta, Petru Calianu, Vasile Carare, Radu Eugeniu Coclici, Relu Fenechiu, Gheorghe Gabor, Mircia Giurgiu, Pavel Horj, Doru Brasoan Lese, Corneliu Olar, Sorin Stefan Zamfirescu and Dan-Radu Zatreanu.

Of all these, in the cases of former Deputies Viorel Carare, Sorin Stefan Zamfirescu and Dan Radu Zatreanu and of Senator Catalin Croitoru, ANI notified the Prosecutors’ Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice in order to check the indexes referring to the possible committing of the offence of conflicts of interests.
In the cases of the remaining 28 former and present members of the Parliament, the term of prescription of five years for criminal conflict of interests intervened, ANI mentioned.

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