New Kopel Group’s “First SH car” programme

We all prefer new cars when we decide to buy a car for the first time. But, even leased, a new car is more expensive and has a single big flaw: its value drops as soon as you take it out of the auto dealer’s courtyard, by over 20 per cent. New Kopel has thought about clients that do not want a new car and offers them special financing at low interest, for the second-hand option.

This summer New Kopel Group launched the “First SH Car” programme. Through this programme one can buy a used auto vehicle at an interest rate of 4.5 per cent per year, terms that are similar to those of the “First Car” programme. Just like in the case of the government-run programme for clients that buy new cars, in the case of second-hand cars the loan has to be paid off in 60 months’ time at most. The project started on June 18 and is meant for clients that want and need to buy a car but lack the budget for a new one.
“The First SH Car is a New Kopel Group programme that is a first in Romania. This programme can be accessed with or without a loan. This can be done very easily thanks to the partnership developed with a leasing company. We thought about our clients and that is why the programme we have developed for them is very advantageous from the standpoint of financing terms,” New Kopel CEO Hezy Shayb stated.

As a beneficiary of the experience obtained 100 per cent from the activity of selling used cars, Sixt New Kopel Auto can offer real benefits to its clients in Romania. For instance, the purchase can be made at the New Kopel headquarters or online. Clients can use their old car as down payment in a buy-back system and they only have to pay the difference. Customer assistance is offered when it comes to obtaining a loan, so that the car can also be leased. The success rate in processing the files and obtaining the loans stands at 92 per cent. Sixt New Kopel Auto puts at the disposal of its clients over 100 known models and brands, in order for them to be able to choose the car that suits them. Moreover, a car bought through Six New Kopel Auto comes with full 2-year warranty within the limit of 30,000 kilometres, which is in fact the biggest existing warranty for a used car in Romania. Likewise, if the period of repairs covered by the warranty surpasses 5 days, the client will receive a replacement car.

When buying a second-hand car from Sixt New Kopel Auto, the client has access to the car’s full history, the car belonging to only one previous owner. All of the car’s maintenance and repair documents are at the client’s disposal. Likewise, the New Kopel car has periodic technical inspection valid for at least 1 year and the first inspection after purchase is free of charge.
All those interested in a safe second-hand car can access the website. There they can find up-to-date information on relevant legislation but also practical advices for all aspects that any client has to bear in mind before purchasing a second-hand vehicle.

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