The Dutch business community lobbies Romania’s entry into the Schengen zone, committed to change the government’s standpoint

The board of the Dutch Romanian Network, speaking on behalf of the entire Dutch business community, declares their disagreement with the linking from the conditions of the Schengen Agreement and the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) for Romania.

“The Dutch Romanian Network labels this as breach of contract and it damages the international standing of the Netherlands. It is unjust to change rules during a game,” a Dutch Romanian Network press release remitted to Nine O’Clock shows.

“The economic situation requires a pro-active and demand-driven attitude to bring about economic growth in both countries. Now the Dutch government plays an inhibiting role. In this scope, the contacts between the Dutch government and the Dutch business community leave room for improvement. The lack of political dialogue has had a negative impact on the bilateral economic relationships and thus on the economy and this affects companies and all the inhabitants. Dutch politicians should realize that measures to stimulate the economic growth are necessary to overcome the political impasse concerning the Schengen Treaty/Agreement,” reads the press release.

“Romania is a member state of the European Union and every state should have the same rights and duties”, the statement of the Dutch business community also underlines.

The Dutch businessmen further consider that in the case of the Schengen Agreement Romania has fulfilled her duties and that gives Romania equal rights. “Especially in the actual situation of the European Union, guarding of the European external borders is very important and therefore we would like to ask all members of the Dutch government involved, to break this deadlock,” the Dutch business community release concludes.

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