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January 18, 2022

Elena Udrea: ‘preventive arrest is like cancer’

Ex-minister Elena Udrea on Wednesday shoed her appreciation for what Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc had said, namely that ‘we have detention conditions that may often suggest a concentration camp’.

‘I didn’t believe I would ever be quoting Mr. Cazanciuc. In February, replying to my assertions on the disaster in the Bucharest Police detention facility, he was saying that . Obviously not. Not even the most fierce human rights defender would ever claim such thing. However, as the minister of justice, one should see to that prison does not become a crime breeding place or a camp designed to destroy those who enter there. So it’s worthwhile my quoting his most recent statement, more appropriate to someone who heads Justice in Romania’, Elena Udrea states on Facebook.

Udrea also wrote on her Facebook page that, ‘some day, many of those who are now judging me for my concern about the observance of human rights will thank me’.
After her time spent in the arrest facility of the Bucharest Police, Udrea embarked on a personal campaign for the rights of preventively arrested suspects and for the reintegration of former inmates.

‘I have cancer… I am a person with a disability… with issues. Not physically, but because I live in a country where you are labelled without proof. They take away your right to life and to a future for the simple fact that some people believe something or assume something. What can you do? Where do you go? How can you fight and stand up? How can you reintegrate in a society that deems you guilty, a monster, a thief… just because they heard, they read on the internet or watched on the TV? How can you start all over again when you live in a system where most people are coward, weak and without personality? People who run and urn their back on you for fear they might catch it too… (…) Why the cancer? Because, YES, preventive arrest is like CANCER. A handicap you have to live with for the rest of your life if you are lucky enough to be strong and able to fight, or something you give in to and turn into the monster they want you to be… you give up on your principles and beliefs and end up being what they wanted you to be. Ad then you die… on the inside you are nothing but a wreck floating astray. You are no longer a human being, you don’t feel anymore… you don’t LIVE.’

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