Judge suspected of taking bribe

The DIICOT prosecutors searched the office of a Caras-Severin Tribunal judge on Wednesday. The judge is suspected of taking EUR 80,000 in order to grant the bankruptcy requests made by two companies. Two other suspects are a notary public and a court liquidator. According to some judicial sources Mediafax quotes, the court liquidator had set up genuine ‘invoice factories’ made up of a total of 30 ghost companies.
The sources say the court liquidator Ion Tudor, together with his sister and father, who were the owners and managers of several companies as well as co-ordinating partners in professional liquidation companies dealing with the assets of insolvent companies, attracted several company mangers whom they convinced to issue false fiscal invoices.
With such invoices, the liquidator was seeking either to artificially inflate the expenditures and, by that, the VAT returns received, or to be able to cash important sums obtained by liquidating insolvent companies or from the sale of insolvency assets.
The loss suffered by the state budget is approximately RON 6 M.

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