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September 29, 2020

Oprescu’s complaint over violation of human rights referred to College of Medical Doctors

The complaint where the suspended Mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, claims his right to treatment are violated and accuses the doctor working at the Bucharest Police arrest centre of refusing to let him have further medical investigations has been referred by the Ministry of Health to the College of Medical Doctors who will perform due verifications. Sorin Oprescu’s lawyers had initially filed a complaint with the Health Ministry regarding the conduct of the medical staff at the Bucharest Police arrest facility, registered on 9 October. The lawyers claim that the rights of Oprescu, arrested on 6 September, were not observed and that he did not receive treatment and appropriate food for his medical conditions.
Sorin Oprescu’s lawyers asked the Ministry of Health to check ‘the irregularities at the surgery at the arrest centre’, pointing out that the doctor who works there would not let him get new tests and medical investigations, according to the recommendations of the doctors whom the patient had seen.

The lawyer Viorel Mocanu told Mediafax on Thursday that the complaint made to the Ministry of Health was against the doctor at the Police arrest centre who treated with ‘passivity’ Sorin Oprescu’s requests to be taken to hospital and who did not respect and did not take measures according to the recommendations in the report prepared by the medical commission from the Bucharest Emergency University Hospital.
Sorin Oprescu’s lawyers say that, whilst the request sent to the Ministry of Health was similar to he one filed with the ‘Dr. Nicolae Kretzulescu’ Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment Centre – the MAI Polyclinic in Bucharest, it comes with new documents that could prove the ‘almost intentional’ lack of reaction of the doctor. They note there are reports by the other physician who covers a different shift at the Police arrest centre where he recommends that the patient should be taken to hospital for further investigations.

Viorel Mocanu also said that the complaint made to the Ministry of Health had been sent to the College of Medical Doctors who will investigate it.
The lawyer added that a similar complaint would be also sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the Police arrest centre doctor and the head of the arrest unit.
On the other hand, Oprescu’s lawyers said in a press release on Thursday that they would not publish the results of the tests run on Wednesday at the Fundeni Oncology Institute as they referred to a suspicion of cancer, a condition where the diagnosis should not be learned by the patient on the TV as, in such cases, psychological counseling is also provided.

‘S. O. is suspected of lung cancer. Nobody can do a breaking news with the result of the test and let him know on TV that he has cancer and that he may pass away soon’, Oprescu’s lawyers and family members state in the quoted release.
They show that, in the case of any patient, ‘verdicts of this kind are not communicated suddenly not even by those who run the test and who determine the diagnosis. A psychologist always talks to the patient and explains to him that he has just been condemned to a quick death, not to mention that S. O. also has that awful type 2 diabetes that has caused many other conditions, plus the stents coming in a package with the chronic hypertension’.
‘We repeat, we believe it to be inhuman for the patient to learn about his condition or how long he has left to live from the TV. Please consider the human side of the situation, not just the legal one’, Oprescu’s lawyers also say.
Sorin Oprescu was taken back to the Police arrest centre on Wednesday, after medical investigations at the Fundeni Oncology Centre requested by his lawyers who were saying a formation had been discovered in one of his lungs with the suspicion of cancer.

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