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August 12, 2022

Sorin Oprescu moves from arrest to private clinic

The suspended Mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, was moved to a private clinic near the Oncology Institute for investigations, on Wednesday, according to medical sources Digi 24 quotes.
Oprescu was discharged from the National Diabetes Institute where he had spent the previous five days to have his sugar level stabilised. After oncology investigations, the mayor should be returned to the National Diabetes Institute for medical monitoring in the event any complications might develop after the procedures.

‘I am eager to have this test run so that I can find peace from the point of view of my health’, Oprescu said. Asked if it was better in hospital than under arrest, the mayor said: ‘It’s better to be healthy’.

Sorin Oprescu was arrested on 7 September and, since then, he has had a number of medical episodes, being admitted to the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital for detailed investigations for four days. Oprescu was then admitted to the Fundeni Hospital, from where he was moved to the Paulescu Institute.
Charged with bribery after allegedly receiving 25,000 euro, Sorin Oprescu was arrested for an initial period of 30 days on 7 September. However, the DNA prosecutors have obtained a 30-day extension of the arrest warrant form the Bucharest Tribunal.

The mayor has complained that his health had deteriorated because of the detention conditions and was taken to the University Hospital in Bucharest for investigations. From there, he was brought back to the Police arrest facility, after the doctors had said his conditions could be treated in detention. His lawyers claim Oprescu has a total of 12 conditions and poses a lung cancer suspicion.

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