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February 1, 2023

The scale model of the “Grand Union Monument”, at the Cotroceni National Museum

The draft and the scale model of the “Grand Union Monument” that will celebrate the Centenary of the Grand Union (1918 – 2018) will be exhibited on Thursday at the Cotroceni National Museum.
The exhibition will present photographs, scale models and multimedia the image of the monument created by author of numerous public forum monuments Ioan Bolborea to celebrate the “centenary of the Grand Union”, in 2018. The work “The Monument of the Grand Union” is a massive sphere of glass and bronze with a height and a diametre of 20 metres, due to be placed in Alba Iulia Square, District 3, in Bucharest.

“Since Pythagoras, the sphere is a symbol of perfection, the perfect artistic form, the symbol of fullness, of unity. Ioan Bolborea’s sphere gathers the rhythm of the entwining of hundreds of bronze characters, impeccable esentialized silhouettes of persons who are identical in their anatomical simplicity, with their arms open wide, as in a solidarity that can be national, continental or planetary, meaning the highly dreamed unity of individuals, peoples and races”, academician Razvan Theodorescu admitted.

Visual artist Ioan Bolborea is a graduate of the Visual Arts Institute “Nicolae Grigorescu”, Sculpture Department, in the year 1981. He attended collective exhibitions in the country and abroad and also had personal exhibitions. He had a special contribution to the rescue and restoration of several monuments in Bucharest and in the country, and is the author of some of the most impressive monuments in cities of Bucharest and all over the country, including Caragiale’s Characters at the National Theatre of Bucharest.
The exhibition will be opened to the audience during October 15 – 30, 2015.

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