Dancu on the hypothesis he might be next Prime Minister: I do not think so, but you never know what the future holds

Sociologist Vasile Dancu commented on Wednesday for DCNews Live, the hypothesis circulated increasingly often in the political environment that he might be the next Prime Minister appointed by President Klaus Iohannis, were Victor Ponta to leave his position as Head of Government.

“Could you be the Prime Minister President Iohannis might appoint in case Mr. Victor Ponta resigns?”, Vasile Dancu was asked on Wednesday at DCNews Live.
“I do not think so. At this time, nothing has signaled me it could happen. It is true, though, you never know what might happen in the future. (…) We are not talking now about hypotheses related to people enjoying certain visibility, we are finally talking about political consensus. I do not know to what extent I could be able to establish a majority. Having a majority might be a challenge when someone suggests you. I am not even a member of a party. Obviously, I am connected to PSD by the fact that I am a left-wing intellectual, but I am not sure that PSD would not prefer a person who comes directly from the management being elected these days in Congress. Some people’s aspirations might go in this direction.

Then, I have never wanted this position, it is not among my personal projects. I am now working on a few books, I am caught in my activity as a teacher, I enjoy pretty much what I am doing, I was very happy for leaving politics and I do not think I could dedicate a proper amount of time to such activity.
There are matters that, in my opinion, show no sign that I could be a Prime Minister. I am delighted that journalists ask me about this matter. I would have loved it if they asked me these questions when I used to be involved in politics, because at that time, I was almost as qualified as I am now and, moreover, I had motivation. At that time, I was enthusiastic, I was intensely dreaming about a different Romania”, Vasile Dancu admitted.

Before the Sunday Congress of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Vasile Dancu explained for DCNews Live how he saw, at this time, the present situation of this party.
“The entire political system in Romania is blocked. It is experiencing a credibility crisis and a social mobility crisis. The political system in its entirety has no electoral impact: there is a complete lack of trust in the Parliament, Government, etc. Also, we have a complete lack of trust in Romania. No more than 30 per cent of Romanians say that Romania is the state that would grant them pensions, scholarships to their children and a good continuity of life”, Vasile Dancu declared.
“The two grand parties (PSD and PNL, editor’s note) are going through a quite important block regarding the change of leaders; it is a generation gap. We are, somehow, in the time of Greece. After various political experiments inside the two grand parties of left wing and right wing in Romania, a generation failed out of two reasons: DNA and biology. It is a generation over 60 years of age.”

The need of a radical movement

The Sociologist also talked about major stages PSD went through along the years.
“PSD is going through a major change. Also, a change of direction is needed. Let us be real, PSD has has followed so far a pretty complicated strategy by changing its direction each time it encountered an electoral issue, but it never changed direction seriously and fundamentally”, the professor pointed out.
“After hesitations in the first decade, when it managed to stir all intellectuals against it, by Miners’ Riots and other forms of misunderstanding civil space, there was a time when the party changed its name.
Then, the last stage came. I refer to the stage after Geoana, when USL almost completely diluted the left-wing identity identity of the party and turned it, actually, into a winning party with a fabulous power. Neither Victor Ponta, nor Crin Antonescu managed to control the force of such powerful engine. They were unable to lead a political vehicle with such a powerful engine. We witnessed three stages when the party moved in directions the members of PSD were unable to understand. I think that now it is the time of a radical movement, sort of a radical democracy I might say”, Vasile Dancu also added.

Basescu’s chances to the Mayoralty of Bucharest: “He might win, Bucharest is sort of a political Chernobyl”

Sociologist Vasile Dancu went on to analyze Traian Basescu’s chances at winning the elections for the Mayoralty of Bucharest, in 2016. He mentioned that the ex-President enjoyed a favourable context he might not have expected: “that nobody wants Bucharest”.

“Traian Basescu is a powerful political player, although he seems to have pushed his limits a little bit too much by the end of his term, as if he never wanted to return to politics ever again; I think he even said it out loud. Yet, now he has a favourable context, a context he might not have expected I think: that nobody wants Bucharest. Bucharest is sort of a political Chernobyl at this time, and grand parties might think it is only circulated by Ms. Codruta Kovesi’s prosecutors, costumed to prevent radioactive contamination. (…) It is an apolitical city. It is very interesting and very unusual.

There is no such thing, and I have never encountered before a country where the two greatest parties would not fight over the Capital. The Capital conducts change and I did it in Romania’s case, too. And Traian Basescu owns this space. Moreover, Traian Basescu is also very familiar with this space”, Vasile Dancu declared, as quoted by dcnews.ro.
The political analyst further mentioned that under the circumstances that there were no serious candidates for the position of General Mayor of Bucharest, “Bucharesters may experience a revival of older affinities”.

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