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December 8, 2021

Minister Gerea: Romania’s energy strategy not ready this fall

Romania’s energy strategy won’t be ready this fall, but its core pillar is the energy security, Energy Minister Andrei Gerea at the Bucharest Forum event on Thursday.
‘For now, we made it to finalize two more chapters. They’ll be put under public scrutiny. We managed to cover the specifications to draw the consultant for the rest of the papers and hopefully in the shortest time – work is in progress, I cannot not say right now [when it will be ready – editor’s note]. We would like to complete it this fall, but that will not be possible, and our wish is to have a quality outcome and to not be under pressure,’ the minister said.

He specified that the energy security is the core pillar of the future relevant strategy.
‘We are thinking about the energy security, yet we are also thinking about affordable, about accessible prices for the consumers, about a balanced economic development. We wish to provide energy capable to allow the economic and social progress, the development of investments. We all should make efforts so that, through the new energy policies, we ensure the European economy’s productivity. We are committed, through the power strategy we are going to draw up, to be able to guarantee the intelligent use of the natural resources,’ Gerea explained.

‘Romania has benefited from a balanced power mix and we want to build and maintain this power mix technologically and to pay attention to all our capacities and resources. We often talk about renewable resources, but we shouldn’t forget the nuclear energy and the clean technologies for the coal-based power. These technologies, if used wisely, will allow us to face challenges we could encounter both from the economic and the climatic viewpoint,’ the minister added.

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