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September 29, 2022

Orange, Vodafone and Telekom offer best mobile internet speeds in first 9 months

Orange, Vodafone and Telekom are the operators that have offered in the first 9 months of the year the best mobile internet speeds in Romania, while RCS&RDS, Nextgen Communications and UPC top the rankings of landline internet speeds, the statistics published on Thursday by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) show. The statistics are based on information offered by Netograf.ro, the official application monitoring and assessing the quality of internet access services.

According to the aforementioned source, Netograf.ro shows that in the first three quarters of the year mobile internet operators have offered to their users the following real average download speeds: Orange Romania – 27.83 Mbps indoor and 39.21 Mbps outdoor; Vodafone Romania – 15.78 Mbps indoor and 26.77 Mbps outdoor; Telekom Romania Mobile Communications – 10.25 Mbps indoor and 13.45 Mbps outdoor; RCS&RDS – 2.62 Mbps indoor and 2.85 Mbps outdoor.

At the same time, the top five landline internet service providers in Romania have offered, during the same period, the following real average download speeds: RCS&RDS – 98.95 Mbps landline and 43.48 Mbps wireless; Nextgen Communications – 63.56 Mbps landline and 35.53 Mbps wireless; UPC Romania – 57.19 Mbps landline and 31.27 Mbps wireless; Digital Cable Systems – 47.42 Mbps landline and 26.25 Mbps wireless; Telekom Romania Communications – 31.10 Mbps landline and 16.68 Mbps wireless.

According to ANCOM, in order for the statistics to be accurate and relevant and in order to avoid any tampering of the results, certain internet speed tests are ruled out on the basis of a series of pre-set criteria. Thus, the list of excluded internet speed tests includes: tests conducted from the same IP address, multiple tests done on the same day, tests in which the user selects a different provider than the one detected based on IP, unfinished tests (download speed, upload speed and delay are zero), tests conducted from proxy IPs and tests whose download and upload speeds surpass the nominal/maximum speed specified in the internet service provider’s offer.

Netograf.ro is the official application that monitors and evaluates the quality of internet access services. The application was developed by ANCOM in order to offer Romanian users an independent (it does not depend on servers offered by ISPs and/or on their location), objective (it presents the quality of internet access as experienced by the user, being measured in relation to a unique point of reference for all internet users in Romania) and free instrument.

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