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June 26, 2022

PSD Congress: Liviu Dragnea wants to reform the party , a corruption and baron free team

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) will elect a new party leadership team at its Congress meeting on Sunday.
A restricted leading team with no corrupt people and with no barons. This is the formula Liviu Dragnea wants to impose on the congress of PSD. Who wants to participate in the National Standing Bureau must renounce any other party position at a county level. The new team is to be directly vouched for by Liviu Dragnea, negotiations going at full speed.
Liviu Dragnea’s reform starts with a rebranding of the party. The new leader wants to remove the labels of communist, barons and corruption from the Social-Democrats. The image operation seeks to bring a fresh breath into PSD, with people who have not been at the forefront and who should be immaculate, even if the in-coming head of the party himself has received a conviction in a court of first instance, digi24.ro notes.
“I hope the separation of PSD from communism begins with myself. In the party, a party member may not hold at the same time an elected leading position at a county level and at a national level,” said Liviu Dragnea.

In the new leading bodies new names will be promoted, such as Victor Negrescu, Ionut Vulpescu or Gabriela Szabo. For the post of executive president, Dragnea has announced his support for Valeriu Zgonea. There will be 14 positions of vice-president, four seats being reserved for the ladies. Gabriela Firea will continue as spokeswoman for the party. After the congress, eight regional secretaries will be elected. The favourite for the post of secretary general is Marian Neacsu.
Several local leaders have agreed to step back and make room for new figures. Local leaders such as Paul Stanescu, Nicolae Badalau, Constantin Nita or Marian Oprisan choose to continue to head their organisations over positions in Kiseleff. They made their decision also after debates in the party suggesting that vice-presidents should be changed by the Executive Committee instead of the congress.

‘It seems like a very good thing, since this idea has been much voiced– I also know this happens in PNL, but now we are talking about PSD – that local barons lead the party. Negrescu, Vulpescu and Szabo are, in my opinion, appropriate persons to become national vice-presidents,” Paul Stanescu, President of PSD Olt told Digi 24.
‘Their posting at the centre will be severely diminished and they will mostly do what the particular leader who is Liviu Dragnea will say. These people will be secondary and tertiary vectors of image. They will therefore need to have a major media offensive in order to be remembered as those who replaced Oprisan, Hrebenciuc and so on. But it would be interesting to see if PSD can really separate itself from the 1990, 1991 miners’ riots and the manner in which they managed relations with the working class and labour unions’, Andrei Ţăranu, political analyst declared for Digi 24.

Major changes at PSD helm: many of the current leaders expected to step down

Most of PSD’s current Vice Presidents may no longer run for a new term at the party’s Congress meeting, Social-Democrat sources told Mediafax, many of them being affected by the ban on cumulating party offices, with new names such as Mihai Fifor, Victor Negrescu and Gabriela Szabo set to emerge instead.
Thus, four of the new Permanent National Bureau’s positions of Vice President will be held by members of the party’s Women’s Organization. The Social-Democrats who are given high chances of becoming PSD Vice Presidents are Ecaterina Andronescu and Gabriela Firea, incumbent, as well and Minister Gabriela Szabo and MEP Viorica Dancila. Another name proposed for this list is that of Craiova Mayor and incumbent PSD Vice President Lia Olguta Vasilescu. Initially Vasilescu had set her sights on the position of First Vice President, however that position was no longer set up within the party.

According to the aforementioned sources, few of the current Vice Presidents will remain within the new Standing National Bureau (BPN). On the other hand, many new names are expected to enter the race – Economy Minister Mihai Tudose, PSD Senators’ Leader Mihai Fifor, MEP Victor Negrescu, Culture Minister Ionut Vulpescu and current PSD Secretary General Andrei Dolineaschi.
Some of the party’s current leaders may give up their positions within the central leadership bodies because of the ban on cumulating party offices at local and central level, one of the cases concerned being that of PSD Vrancea President Marian Oprisan.

Thus, the new BPN would be left without leaders such as Minister Nicolae Banicioiu, Minister Mircea Dusa, Gorj County Council Chairman Ion Calinoiu, former ministers Ioan Rus and Titus Corlatean, PSD Brasov President Constantin Nita, MEP Dan Nica, PSD Caras-Severin President Ion Mocioalca, Lower Chamber lawmaker Eugen Bejinariu, as well as PSD Bucharest President Robert Negoita.

So far the only party member who has announced his intention to run for the position of Executive President is Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea.
Another important position that will be set up within PSD is that of Secretary General. The Secretary General will be appointed by the Executive Committee, after PSD’s Congress meeting. According to the aforementioned sources, this position would go to the leader of Social-Democrat Lower Chamber lawmakers, Marian Neacsu.
Overall, the PSD Congress will see the election of 14 Vice Presidents and one Executive President.
The deadline for the filing of candidacies expires on Friday at 12 p.m. The candidacies will be validated by a National Executive Committee meeting scheduled at 2 p.m.

Valeriu Zgonea files bid for position of PSD Executive President

Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea has confirmed for Agerpres that he has entered the race for the position of PSD Executive President. The elections will take place at the party’s extraordinary congress meeting on Sunday.
Valeriu Zgonea filed on Thursday the documents needed to enter the race for the position of Executive President. The necessary paperwork for the filing of candidacies for the positions of Vice President or Executive President includes at least two endorsements, one of which has to come from the party branch the candidate is a member of.
According to PSD sources, Zgonea has the endorsement of 36 party branches and has filed all the documents. The same sources show that Marian Neacsu, leader of Social-Democrat Lower Chamber MPs, aims for the position of PSD Secretary General, a non-eligible position since the Secretary General will be appointed after the Congress meeting.

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