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December 1, 2022

PSD’s Executive Committee to meet to validate bids for leadership positions

The National Executive Committee (CExN) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) will meet today to validate the bids submitted for the leadership position, and also in to put the final touches to the party’s extraordinary Congress convention on Sunday.

For the positions of Deputy Chair and Executive Chair, bids can be submitted until Friday at noon, with the CExN to validate those who meet the conditions at 14:00. The actual elections for the PSD leadership will take place at the extraordinary Congress convention of October 18.

According the PSD national Chairman Liviu Dragnea, the National Standing Bureau will have from now on 14 Deputy Chair positions of which 4 are reserved for the women’s organization, one position of Executive Chair and four executive secretaries. Also a novelty in the PSD Rulebook is a provision that chairs of county branches can no longer be party Deputy Chairs.

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, confirmed for AGERPRES that he has joined the race for PSD Executive Chairman. He submitted on Thursday the necessary documents to file his bid.

In order to run for a leadership position in the party, at least two branches need to provide support for the candidate, of which one needs to be the branch of which the candidate is a member.

According to sources with PSD, Zgonea has the support of 36 branches and submitted documents attesting to it.

The same sources say the leader of the PSD MPs in the Chamber of Deputies, Marian Neacsu, is running for the position of party Secretary-General, a position that is not up for election, as the Secretary General is appointed after the Congress convention.

So far, Gabriela Firea and Olguta Vasilescu are the members who have announced their intention to run for a position of Deputy Chair.

PSD’s Dragnea: I will urge the Opposition to dialogue on public pay law

National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major at rule, Liviu Dragnea told a televised show on Thursday evening that he will urge the Opposition parties to a dialogue on the public pay law, which will be unveiled most probably next week by Labour Minister Rovana Plumb.

“Next week, theoretically Monday, she [e.n. – Rovana Plumb] will have to come up with a bill to unveil firstly to the party, then to the coalition, and then to the Government and Parliament. This is a law that everybody has been waiting for (…) and on this law I am calling for dialogue because it is a pay law that has to last for many years. If the Opposition disagrees and refuses to take part in the debates in Parliament, where they are obligated to take part, we risk ending up with them in power changing the pay scale and upsetting the public employees. (…) If they stay out, we have plan B: forging ahead as we did with the postal voting bill,” Dragnea told Romania TV private television broadcaster.

“President Iohannis could coordinate drawing up Romania’s long-term development plan”

Dragnea believes Romania needs a long-term development plan drawn up and taken up by all the political forces, and President Klaus Iohannis could coordinate the drawing up of the plan.

Dragnea told Romania TV private television broadcaster on Thursday evening that his proposal to all the political parties and President Iohannis is a hand extended to dialogue, adding that a plan to be taken up by all is needed because Romania has wasted many opportunities over the past years because of political warfare.

“A multiannual plan, say for 25 years, cannot be implemented unless it is designed, built and taken up by the entire political class, because when government changes the incumbent will say they change everything because that did not take part in the plan. (…) This is about working together with specialists from political parties and outside them, taken up by all the political parties and Mr President Iohannis, who could coordinate this big project. After taken up, it should become a commitment that will not change.(…) Over the past ten years, there has been political warfare that has torn apart the Romanian society, broke destinies, halted Romania and made Romania miss up on many opportunities,”said Dragnea.

He added that if the political leaders do not want to work on such a plan, PSD can draw it up and pass it through Parliament, but it would be better for it to be drawn up jointly with all the political forces so that it will no longer be modified later on.

“We will come up with a bill in Parliament and it will be a good thing if they want to support it, if not, we will have the majority to pass it. And then we will get to where those who come after us to power, either in 2016 or in 2020, will dare change it with or without reason. If it is done together, it will be very hard for them to change it, but we will not wait for the entire next year,” said Dragnea.

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