PSD’s National Executive Committee validates candidacies for party executive chair, VPs

The National Executive Committee (CExN) of the ruling Social Democrat Party validated on Friday 23 candidates for party leadership positions—executive chairman and vice-presidents– to be voted in the Sunday’s Congress.

The positions will be gained through vote this Sunday, at the PSD’s Congress.

Chamber of Deputies Chairman Valeriu Zgonea and former economy minister Constantin Nita are running for the executive chairmanship.

There are 10 vice president positions reserved to men, and 16 candidates, namely Adrian Dolineaschi, Mihai Tudose, Victor Negrescu, Georgian Pop, Mihai Fifor, Gabriel Vlase, Ionut Vulpescu, Simon Gheorghe, Mihai Chirica, Stefan Viorel, Nicolae Banicioiu, Mihai Sturzu, Constantin Nita, Catalin Radulescu, Adrian Dobre.

Gabriela Firea, Doina Pana, Aurelia Fedorca, Olguta Vasilescu, Gabriela Cretu and former education minister Ecaterina Andronescu are the candidates to four vice president positions reserved to women.

Dragnea: Changes brought to the party’s statute

“Two candidacies for executive chairman, Constantin Nita and Valeriu Zgonea were validated; 15 candidacies for 10 vice-president positions allocated to men, and six candidacies registered and validated for the four positions of vice-presidents allocated to the Women’s Organisation, Mrs. Ecaterina Andronescu’s included,” PSD ciarman Liviu Dragnea said after the CexN sitting.

According to Dragnea, several changes were brought to the party’s statute.

“The number of vice-presidents is different from the current one. The National Standing Bureau is made of those elected by the Congress, the president, the executive president, the vice-presidents, respectively; in exchange the prime minister, the president of the National Council, the president of the Youth Organisation, the president of the Women’s Organisation, the president of the Pensioners’ Organisation, the secretary general and the regional secretaries, do participate in the BPN, with voting rights,” he mentioned.

The PSD is going to have eight regional secretaries, as until now – one secretary for each development region.

“The National Council is going to have different competencies. It will no longer be a structure of approximately 1,200 delegates, who were called once a year to listen to some speeches and possibly adopt some resolutions. It will become a specialized structure of the party made of all the party’s MPs, the presidents of county councils – or vice-presidents where we have no presidents – the city mayors, town mayors and three representatives of commune mayors of each county, and they’ll operate the party’s specialty departments,” the PSD chairman explained.
Liviu Dragnea has already been elected PSD chairman on October 11, in an internal party poll open to all members. He was the only candidate in this unprecedented procedure, and the first head of the PSD not appointed by the Congress.

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