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May 20, 2022

What do Ponta, Blaga, Oprea, Gorghiu, Dragnea, Udrea, Zgonea have in common?

The dogs in the same gang bark at each other a lot, they even fight among themselves, but they never bite one another. The same might be said about the relations among people leading Romania’s politics at the time being. Regardless of whether they are ruling or in the Opposition, regardless of whether they are insulting one another or “giving in” on the others, they seem to be united by something grandiose, by something strong, by something that works like magic even when some of them end up in prisons and are immediately released afterwards. And no, the Romanian nation is not the thing that connects them, although it should; they are bonded by something occult, something that sticks out if we examine the image in its entirety, without letting our attention be distracted by a certain topic.

Regardless of political conflicts and changes in the Government, everything seems to work increasingly better in this direction in Romania, in a well oiled mechanism, of moves that are perfectly known, anticipated and carefully planned.

If we analyse the resumes of people holding now positions of Ministers, members of the Parliament, managers of Intelligence Services, State Secretaries, Generals, presidential advisers, Mayors, Prefects, managers of great companies, managers of departments and even media trust owners, it is easy to notice that most of them have one certain thing in common. There are hundreds of persons with an overwhelming influence in various fields, who had declared their belonging to a certain group the second they had passed the threshold of exclusive institutions such as the National Defence College.

Because this is the element that connects most of the people leading us today, besides those who have graduated similar institutions, such as the National Intelligence Academy or the National Intelligence College (that even includes a few Ministers, such as Mihai Tudose, Sorin Campeanu, Sorin Grindeanu, Marius Nica, Angel Tilvar, Gabriel Oprea). These are no ordinary schools and they are not available to anyone; and obviously, you are not “anyone” when you graduate them.
And if we are discussing the thing that connects all the people who now hold Romania’s destiny in their hands and have such additional studies included in their resumes, it is to be noted that most of them declared that it was not only the institution of College itself that attracted them, nor the degree or the knowledge they gained, which they see as interesting facts at the most. Then, what was it that attracted them?

It was precisely what attracts any creature to a group, to an organisation that had “potential”: the feeling of belonging and power; the conviction of having become Somebody Important with an Assured Future. And they are right in this assumption; indeed, most of them become Ministers, even if for a short while and for no obvious reasons.
And therefore, people who bark a lot today or people who have “relations and influence” are all graduates of the National Defence College. Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Alina Gorghiu, Gabriel Oprea, Elena Udrea, Vasile Blaga, Liviu Dragnea, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Sulfina Barbu, Titus Corlatean, Bogdan Aurescu, Olguta Vasilescu, Cristian Diaconescu, the Prime Minister’s wife Daciana Sarbu and Liviu Maior are but a few of these people, of the hundreds of politicians and high officials who belong to an exclusive group, created exclusively for elites, destined to play some people’s games and to overthrow other people’s games.

Still, what is the National Defence College? Founded in 1992, by a decision of the Ministry of Defence, it works as a post-University school that may be attended solely by representatives of institutions such as the Government of Romania, special services, political parties represented in the Parliament, the presidential administration and the media.
Besides, the first on the list of requirements for joining this school is “nomination from behalf of the tutelary institution for attending classes”. The main topic to be studied is national security, the teachers are Ministers, Generals and personalities inside the intelligence services, and the main official purpose of the institution is represented by “identification, support and promotion of Romania’s interests in the field of security and national defence”. Obviously, nobody fails the final exams and everybody gets the long awaited degree. Because having the proof of graduation of the National Defence College is today the golden business card of any politician with high aspirations and his soul already available for sale.

And to make things even more obvious, in the year 2004, following a Government Decree, the organisation gained the status of public utility. So, you might say it is a school of civil servants and high ranked politicians who become part of a “select club”, governing over… the way things go in Romania.

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