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January 28, 2022

A Congress with tense moments: Criticism from the rostrum against PSD leadership

Ion Iliescu openly criticises PSD leadership and receives applauses

The PSD Honorary President Ion Iliescu, on Sunday blamed the leaders of the party present for the congress that they had separated themselves from the intellectuals. In his speech, Iliescu also made attacks on all fronts, including against Victor Ponta.
Ion Iliescu added that it would have been better for the party if there had been ‘a genuine competition’ for the position of president and if there has been several offers. He also slammed the PSD leadership over their poor communication on social welfare always regarded as electoral charity.
Ion Iliescu reprimanded the leaders of the party for how they had organised Liviu Dragnea’s election.
‘(…) direct criticism going to our party leaders. They have a weak connection with the intellectuals of this country, they are not present amidst them, for specific functions. I would like to remind of the Enescu Festival where the leaders of PSD were not present. Ponta only appeared once, for a few minutes, during a concert. That shows the leaders of our party are not really open to the intellectual life, to cultural life and that’s a bad signal. A party cannot be a force if it doesn’t have the intellectuals of the country by its side’, Ion Iliescu said in the applauses of the audience.
Iliescu added it would have been better for the party if there had been ‘a real competition’ for the position of party president and if ‘several offers, projects and programmes’ had competed.
Iliescu also criticised the PSD leaders for their ‘weak and unconvincing’ communication on social welfare which is often regarded as electoral charity gestures.

TSD President attacks Liviu Dragnea: Let’s not validate the elections, we’d validate communists

Mihai Sturzu, President of the Social-Democrat Youth (TSD), has asked for last week’s elections in which Liviu Dragnea was elected President of PSD, not to be validated. He was dissatisfied with Liviu Dragnea’s request for those present to hold a moment of silence in the memory of the victims of communism.
Mihai Sturzu stated before PSD delegates present for the Party Congress on Sunday that he was called a communist the moment PSD held internal elections with a single candidate.
“I was accused of communism a week ago. My friends, my family, they all told me I am again a communist. Let’s not fall in an illusion in which locked behind a wall we should fall in a reality that the other people don’t see it like we do. Last week we had elections with a single candidate. This is communism, people! Mr. Ion Iliescu has associated this kind of elections with those taking place during the Ceausescu era and he was right. Obviously I have nothing to reproach Mr. Dragnea with. The man ran, he assumed office. I want to reproach those that did not know how to go all the way through with their candidacies for thus making us have only one candidate.
And if we should part ways with communism, today from this rostrum, let’s do something with powerful symbolic value. This Congress has to validate last week’s elections, namely to validate communists. I ask you not to validate the elections, because I am convinced PSD could give at least two candidates for the presidency and surely there will be 500,000 people who would cast ballots and then we would make a strong gesture against communism,” Mihai Sturzu said.
Before going off the stage, he said that he is a candidate for a position of Vice President but “how many chances I have after this courage, only God knows.”
He added that the Social-Democrats have to take stock of the fact that they are not perfect. “We have to have courage and say that we haven’t been perfect and we owe it to the young people in Romania to ask for their forgiveness for (…) the miners’ riots in the 1990s, for the people that suffered back then. (…) Equity in a party means a fair debate in which all are equal, in which each point of view is being heard, and we should not forget who we are and take decisions in the evening, at the restaurants, in a small group, and should not be told the next day what the decisions are,” the TSD leader said.
The Lower Chamber MP also stated that he feels sorry that Liviu Dragnea was not present when he gave his speech.
Liviu Dragnea replied to Mihai Sturzu after the latter said that last week’s elections remind people of communism. “I’m sorry I did not hear him when he gave his speech. I was outside. Someone told me what he said on the stage. Each person chooses to make his/her own campaign as he/she feels like it,” Liviu Dragnea stated following Mihai Sturzu’s attack.

PNL protest at Palace Hall, venue of PSD Congress

The Liberals organized on Sunday a protest outside the Palace Hall where over 4,000 Social-Democrat delegates went to elect their party leadership.
The 250 Liberals, wearing black, organized a protest outside the Palace Hall, Romania TV informs. The young Liberals carried banners with slogans against Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea.
The protesters were not allowed to sit in front of the Palace Hall so they kept moving around the building, escorted by gendarmes.

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