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April 11, 2021

Surprising gesture during PSD Congress: Dragnea condemns communist dictatorship* Opposition reacts

The delegates present for the PSD congress observed a moment of silence in the memory of the victims of the communist dictatorship on Sunday, on Liviu Dragnea’s request. Ion Iliescu, investigated for crimes against humanity in the 1990 miners’ riots case, was present in the audience.
The President of PSD, Liviu Dragnea, said on Sunday that the Social-Democrats had to take responsibility for the mistakes made in the past, including towards the victims of communism. He asked the participants to sand up and proposed a moment of silence, PSD condemning communism in that way.
During his address to the congress, the new PSD President, Liviu Dragnea, admitted to a number of mistakes his party had made over time and that that the communist regime had been illegitimate and criminal and asked Romanians for their forgiveness.
‘Being at a moment when I want us to begin a new phase, break away with the past, I propose to you a symbolic, but honest and profound gesture. For a long time have we not had the courage to admit to the history of Romania as it was. Or to covibrate to some of the Romanian people’s vibrations. Sometimes we even avoided admitting to our recent past. We did not find the courage to admit to the crimes of the communist dictatorship. I have not taken responsibility for some of the mistakes that we made in the first years after the Revolution, such as the violence in the University Square.
The political treatment applied to some of the survivors of anti-communist resistance or to victims of the dictatorship may have not been characterised by the moderation, respect and deference those people would have been treated with.
National reconciliation is an aim for which it is worthwhile asking for forgiveness, although we, those who are here today, are not responsible for those things. Asking for forgiveness, my dear friends, is a moral gesture, fundamental to the separation from a past that keeps haunting us’, Liviu Dragnea said at the PSD congress.
The PSD leader asked those gathered in Sala Palatului to observe a moment of silence for the victims of communism and had the 4,000 delegates stand up.
‘I would like you to stand up and observe a moment of silence in the memory of the victims of the communist dictatorship and ask Romania and Romanians for their forgiveness for not making this gesture sooner’.
It is the first time in 25 years that PSD is formally and explicitly condemning the 1945 – 1989 regime.

PNL: Condemnation of communism by PSD, a vignette played in the hall of PCR plenary meetings

The Liberals claim the denial of ties with the communism by PSD and Liviu Dragnea could easily become the subject of a vignette played exactly in the hall where the Communist Party would hold its plenary meetings and is a mystification of history, PNL states in a release dispatched to Mediafax on Sunday.
‘The communism is the source and foundation on which PSD was built. That can be now denied by Liviu Dragnea, can be the subject of a vignette played in the very hall of PCR plenary meetings, can be an attempted mystification of history, but the evidence of the fact that the communist fibre exists and comes to light in PSD in any context fostering abuse and violation of democratic values is undeniable’, reads the PNL release.
According to the quoted source, the gestures of admitting to the crimes of communism or the moments of silence are just a new form of hypocrisy.
‘One cannot speak of PSD without communism when the leader of he party annihilated all his competitors as it happened in PCR, something even Ion Iliescu admitted to’, the Liberals further say.
PNL also notes ‘it sis till about communist reflexes when PSD defends through the political vote of the parliamentary majority those who are accused of corruption or vouches for a person who has already been convicted of criminal offences as their leader’, or when PSD blocked people’s right to vote both in the presidential election and in the partial election.

Traian Băsescu on PSD’s gesture condemning communism: ‘It’s visible they have a retardation’

Ex-president Traian Basescu reacted, on Sunday, to PSD’s gesture to condemn the communism during its congress.
‘It is a laudable thing hat they have condemned communism today, but they should not forget what they did with Vadim Tudor when I condemned communism in December 2006 in Parliament, how hostile they were and what I had to endure in order to be able to finalise my speech. It is visible that they have a retardation. It takes them 10 years to realise that they made a mistake at some point. The same with justice.
If you remember, for 10 years I spoke about the need to have justice and they impeached me twice. Now they have taken over the justice rhetoric and someone needs to tell them about human rights. From this point of view, they have a political retardation – they react with a delay of 10 years. (…)

Who’s going to believe them that they no longer have a Bolshevik mentality? I do not believe them, as long as they refuse to take into consideration a justice decision, be it not a final one. So you have a prime-minister on trial – I’m not saying he is guilty or that governments should be changed in that manner, but this is a reality. So the prime-minister is on trial and you keep him in office. You elect and validate a party president who has already received a conviction in a court of first instance… what can one say about this party?’ Traian Basescu told stiripesurse.ro.

Traian Basescu thinks this gesture is not going to help PSD in election. ‘I believe NOT. I believe not, because democracy is law with them, and so is the demagogy related to justice, even if you come after 10 years with the correct rhetoric. How can I believe you when you say you have nothing in common with communism when you refer to Redolent Iliescu and the light he gives to the party?’

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