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May 29, 2022

Dragnea: Assessment of Gov’t members required, could result in reshuffling

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday that he talked with Premier Victor Ponta about the carrying out of an analysis of the Government’s activity, which could lead to a possible Government reshuffle by the end of the year.

“In the following period both he (Victor Ponta – editor’s note) and we should think about whether some changes are needed within the structure of the Government. Maybe members of Government or maybe secretaries of state. A serious analysis has to be carried out. (…) This analysis is necessary after this Government’s, after any Government’s period in office, namely by the end of the year; it may not necessary result in replacement of ministers,” Dragnea said.

The PSD leader pointed out that he had talks with the Premier on this topic both on Sunday at the party’s Congress meeting as well as on Monday at its National Standing Bureau meeting.

Liviu Dragnea emphasized that carrying out this analysis is the duty of the Premier and then the latter will agree with PSD leaders whether measures have to be taken or not. “If the Premier considers he needs to improve activity in a certain domain or not, we will discuss it and if we agree on this he will have full support,” he pointed out.
Asked whether the Premier agreed with the need for this analysis, Dragnea pointed out that it was only a talk and talks “never killed anyone.”

The PSD leader also stated that older dissatisfactions with the activity of some ministers will be taken into account when carrying out this analysis because “each element has its own importance,” however he added that “we don’t want to cut anyone’s throat.”

“I advised my BPN colleagues to have the sense of proportion, proper usage of words in public”

National leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea on Monday said he asked his colleagues in the National Standing Bureau (BNP) to keep the sense of proportion and use words properly in their public speaking, because every word they say will be carefully analysed by the party members and the citizens.

“I have advised my colleagues that in their public speaking they should follow the sense of proportion and use words properly. They can make statements anywhere. (…) I was asked a question that I found strange, but it was a good thing that it was asked so there will also be an answer: if there is a television or press organisation where not to go. I said that is stupid and we do not even consider it. I encouraged all to go and communicate through all channels. But they should understand that as from yesterday, after they were elected deputy chairs, all their words will be carefully scrutinised firstly by the party members and secondly by the citizens, because they are now part of the central leadership of the party,” Dragnea told a news conference on Monday at the end of a meeting of the party’s BPN.

He added that he will not censure the statements of his party colleagues.

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