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August 10, 2022

Hellvig, major signal on how SRI relates to society: Citizens are the main target of the wave of crises

The Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Eduard Hellvig has issued in the last few days a highly important signal related to fundamental changes inside the Service he was leading and the way it related to society.
In a speech he had held in Cluj Napoca, Hellvig pointed out that the citizen is the one who has to exercise control over the service and that more transparency was needed, as accurate information was indispensable for democracy.

SRI Director Eduard Hellvig warned that the way security threats occur has changed. This time, they do not solely include threats to the Romanian states.

Which are the threats from SRI perspective:

“From the perspective of intelligence structures, we note a shift towards citizens of the vulnerabilities that usually aimed the state system. To an increasingly greater extent, the citizen becomes a potential target of these crises in subsequent waves, that contribute to the deterioration of the state of collective and individual security. We are confronted with a major change of paradigm of the security environment, under the circumstances that national safety represents, from now on, the sum of citizens’ levels of safety”, the Head of SRI outlined in the speech he had held in Cluj at the opening of the Doctoral School of International Relations and Security Studies of the Babes – Bolyai University.
“The Romanian Intelligence Service will undergo a series of changes in the times to come, due to these reasons. Some of the most important changes refer to the way citizens may contribute in order to eliminate security threats”, Hellvig revealed.

SRI wants a partnership with Romanians:

“The Romanian Intelligence Service is already undergoing an ample process of adaptation to new asymmetric challenges. In this direction, I consider that it is vital to create a partnership between the community of intelligence and the Romanian society. Only by this partnership of the state with the citizens we will manage to adequately deal with the unusual risks we are confronted with. (…) In this complex reality, the citizen no longer plays simply the classical role of a beneficiary of national security; his potential needs to be reevaluated. From my perspective, the citizen is the essence of our slogan “Patria a priori”. This is the essence of the partnership we suggest to Romanian society”, the SRI manager outlined.
Hellvig also pointed out that the entire activity of SRI will become more transparent and citizens will have more control over the Service.

More transparency:

“Democracy is more than the will of a mere political, parliamentary majority. Democracy means more than alternation to power based on elections. Obviously, these are the premises of a free society. But functional democracy means governing in the citizen’s service, granting him the possibility of control that is so necessary in order to avoid slides. (…) I am also the supporter of the idea of more transparency, which I see as indispensable in order to grant fair public information and exercise democratic control. It is not an easy process, yet, in order to truly succeed to part ways with the past, I consider that it is necessary to permanently relate to the values I wished to refer to, which coordinate a powerful option towards democracy”, the SRI manager further pointed out.

The SRI manager also announced that one of the priorities of his term is to consolidate cooperation as part of the strategic partnership with the United States and allies inside the Euro-Atlantic intelligence community.

Eduard Hellvig, manager of the Romanian Intelligence Service, also pointed out in the speech he held in Cluj at the opening of the Babes – Bolyai Doctoral School of International Relations and Security Studies the main requirements of the institution he has been leading and of Romania, so that we would be at the same level with our partners abroad.

A closer collaboration with academic circles will contribute to the improvement of SRI performances

Romanian Intelligence Service leader Eduard Hellvig declared that “a closer collaboration with academic circles, as well as recruiting personnel from this category” will contribute to the improvement of SRI performances.
“I consider that a closer collaboration with academic circles, as well as recruiting personnel from this category will mark a more profound anchoring of the Romanian Intelligence Service into a space of performances and innovative mentalities”, Eduard Hellvig declared during the opening ceremony of the university year at the Doctoral School of International Relations and Security Studies in Cluj Napoca, according to the speech published on the SRI website.
The Head of SRI had made this remark under the circumstances of having discussed the reforms the institution had been going through, as well as the criticism it had been receiving. Hellvig declared that SRI had experienced in the last 25 years institutional changes that now position the service at the level of Western performance standards in the field of intelligence services.
“There are a few criticisms that are being brought to us over and over again, and some of them are correct. I think that an initial answer should be the optimization of resources. The challenges we are confronted with determine us to provide an increasingly intelligent and efficient management of the resources we are benefiting of”, Hellvig added.

Eduard Hellvig also pointed out that Europe and automatically Romania are going through unfortunate times, that might cause terrible impact upon the future.
“We are going through a historical stage defined by the basic word ‘crisis’. Whether we are talking about crises that are just apparently abstract, but highly impact the near future, as well as the distant future – such as the energetic or demographic crisis. This agglomeration of critical pulsions propel a worldwide tension that has seen no precedent in the last decades”, the SRI Director declared.

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