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June 30, 2022

PNL starts conducting polls in order to pick candidates

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-President Alina Gorghiu announced on Saturday in Baia Mare that the companies that will conduct opinion polls meant to measure the county-level standings of the party’s potential candidates will be chosen on Monday, October 19, and the candidates chosen to run in the local elections will be announced by December.

“The candidacies have been filed; the internal competition has taken place within each county and municipal party branch. On Monday, along with the two general secretaries and with co-president Vaile Blaga we will have a talk with the leaderships of party branches in order to be able to distribute the survey companies to the counties.
For this reason, starting on Monday all party branches will start this sociological survey at the level of the county seat, of the county, and in a month’s time we will have the results of these surveys. Based on these results we will decide on the candidacies.
Vasile Blaga and I believe that in early December we will be able to reveal all or almost all candidates at national level, something that is unprecedented for a Romanian political party,” Alina Gorghiu stated at a press conference.

According to her, the candidates selected would then announce their electoral platforms.
PNL Co-Presidents Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga attended the meeting of the Executive Committee of PNL Maramures, a meeting in which the preparations for the elections campaign were discussed.

Postal voting draft to enter Senate’s order of the day on Monday

The postal voting draft law will enter the Senate’s order of the day on Monday, October 19, Alina Gorghiu stated on Saturday in Baia Mare. According to Agerpres, the PNL Co-President pointed out that a situation of normalcy will be reached through the adoption of this law.

“Next week, on Monday, the draft law concerning postal voting will enter the plenum’s order of the day. It’s a draft on which PNL worked a lot. I am glad that the Permanent Electoral Authority has authored a draft. It is 90-something per cent identical to the one proposed by the Liberals. Like I said, more than once, it’s not important whether PNL, PSD or the name of any other political party in Romania is written on the law, the important thing is to manage to reconsider the political parties’ approach when we are talking about fundamental rights and liberties.
When we are talking about the right to vote, a right that unfortunately we take into consideration and we are reminded of exclusively during the elections campaign or pre-campaign, this time because of a government which, in my opinion, made a gross error when it limited the exercise of the right to vote. Today we are in the stage in which we have to reach a situation of normalcy,” Alina Gorghiu stated at a press conference.

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