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May 17, 2022

Romania, at the confluence of worlds

The world changes…

The world we are living in started sliding nowadays on the slope of certain changes that may lead to irreconcilable consequences for the entire humanity.
The Grand Powers of the World, West and East (because each attentive view or analysis) effortlessly reveals the fact that, at this point, the world is divided between the West and the East) are in clash of forces unequalled by anything similar in the last 70 years since WWII.

Once, Napoleon had said that the Occident was awaiting for its leader.
Now, we may say that the world is awaiting for its leader and the Orient seems to be the place that will apparently initiate this new world hierarchy of power.
The pattern of tensions that have generated the conflicts leading to the two World Wars resembles in details the one that tends now to concretely create the third World War – the threat brought by a state or an extremist vision of a group of states or people of those states upon the way the world is being led.

In all this belligerent image, Romania, as part of a Europe that not only provides full support to people involved in the war against terrorism and oriental anarchy, but also provides political, military and human forces to this conflict, is caught in this vortex of forces in a position that might not be necessarily described as inconvenient, but it certainly is unprivileged.

This fact was noticeable these days in Brussels where meetings included discussions on recreating the European paradigm entirely. From now on, Europe will be divided in two. Western Europe, including 19 countries that will form the European nucleus of cohesion, and the rest, the states that, although belonging territorially to Europe, will be at the periphery of this nucleus. And separation will be made considering essential components – the issue of taxes – but which actually masks the genuine motivation for Europe’s need of this closure.

Thus, isolation is created and the continent is fascicled depending on the preferences of each state, so that in the future, countries failing to meet all joining criteria with all prerogatives the other 19 states impose would be confronted with an obvious drift, without the safety net represented so far by the European Union.
It all happened due to clashes between the East and the West. This isolationism tends to protect all states considered as high-achieving by any interference resulted from the clash of the two blocks.

Moreover, under these circumstances, Romania is in a situation that seemed uncertain so far, but is definitively encased at the time being.
We are outside of the new European fortress!
Yet, Romania is not witnessing the first situation of this nature.

During World War 1, Romania was widowed of the chance to adopt a neutral and advantageous position towards the countries involved in that military conflict due to frictions and miscommunication among the members of the political class at that time, and due to the way the leaders of the country, that that time, were able, willing or strong enough to promote the national point of view, the interests of the Romanian state and not those of the political class, in front of the grand powers of the world.

The story was replayed almost identically 30 years later, at the start of the second World War.
Caught between strong affiliations with Germany and plenty of guarantees from behalf of the grand powers of Europe, Romania finds itself one more time in the middle of a war where it is forced, just like before, to crush all its dignity and verticality as a state owning the capacity to keep the honour of agreements and to defend its own interests and is pushed by decisions reached by the same political class caught in the net of personal interests into a political and military ambush that will leave it not only humiliated and marked in history as a nation of traitors, lacking any capacity to represent themselves correctly and to defend their territories, sovereignty and state interests, but, most of all, damaged and abandoned in a history due to be written in difficult years of suffering and burdens.

And here we are now, over 70 years after that terrifying moments, placed in a position that tends to reveal a hallucinating repetitiveness.
Between an Eastern block interested to expand its hegemony and a Western block struggling to preserve its position of force and power; between an Orient in the situation of a powder barrel that increasingly expands its threatening shadow, even infiltrating into the heart of European states, Romania keeps on doing that it always did best: preserving is status as the playground of the political class.
When the entire Orient is turning into a huge volcano, ready to erupt, when Eastern civilisation is conducting a life-or-death battle with the Western world, Romania keeps on living its inept dream, that of pointless, mean, brother-slaying political fights that destroy the state.

The Romanian political class seems to have come from a different world and seems anchored on other terrestrial and temporal coordinates.
Anything you may hear and find out about the hurricane initiated over Occident is that Romania had become a NATO partner with prerogatives, but most of all with obligations, that there is an anti-missile shield political and military structures of Romania have agreed to host on the territory of our country, that Romanian reservists are mobilizing and demobilizing for about a year and that threats to the security of the Romanian states are directly proportional to its level of involvement in the moves of the Western political block.
Besides, it seems that nothing of the things threatening the world outside Romanian borders may threaten the world inside them.

In Romania, people are interested in politics, elections, creating media shows starring politicians instead of actors and stirring the already troubled waters of Romanians’ minds with various matters that have long exceeded the limit of stupidity and have reached the area of danger.
And if Romania happens to find itself again the middle of a World War, history may note, perhaps, that the bad luck and the character of the nation that populates this country have confronted Romania again with the unfortunate chances of history.

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