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May 17, 2022

Elena Udrea involved in new corruption case

National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have filed to the Lower Chamber a new request for the approval of the criminal prosecution and preventive arrest of Lower Chamber lawmaker Elena Udrea. The latter is suspected of passive bribery, money laundering, influence peddling and forgery.
Elena Udrea stated that this new case is based on denunciations made by Ana Maria Topoliceanu, former head of the National Investment Company and Udrea’s former collaborator. Udrea accused DNA Director Laura Codruta Kovesi of making everything possible to open new cases against her.
“It’s obvious that arresting Elena Udrea is a priority at the DNA,” Udrea stated on Digi24.
According to the prosecutors, Elena Udrea allegedly demanded USD 5 M in exchange for helping a businessman buy cheap energy from Hidroelectrica.
In fact, Elena Udrea states she complained at the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) about this.
In what concerns the accusation concerning the intermediation of the contract with Hidroelectrica, Elena Udrea said that the contract was in fact closed with Ana Maria Topoliceanu handling the intermediation and that Topoliceanu also allegedly used the USD 5 M.
In another case, prosecutors claim that former Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea transferred a villa to the private domain through money laundering operations.
Judicial sources have stated for HotNews.ro that Bogdan Buzaianu, the businessman who got the contract with Hidroelectrica, Radu Budeanu (former owner of the ‘Cancan’ tabloid) and Dan Andronic (owner of ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily) are allegedly involved in this case.
Referring to these accusations, Elena Udrea complained of abuse on the part of the DNA and claimed that she has been “in open conflict” with Bogdan Buzaianu since 2005 and that “because of this fight that I waged against Mr. Buzaianu and Mr. Patriciu the “slick energy sector boys” syntagm appeared.”
The request to have Lower Chamber MP Elena Udrea’s immunity lifted will be debated on Wednesday within the Lower Chamber’s Judiciary Commission.

Elena Udrea files criminal complaint against prosecutors in “Bute Gala” file

Elena Udrea wants to file a criminal complaint against the prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) who have inflicted pressure on her denounce makers in the Bute Gala file. The announcement was made by the lawyer of former Tourism Minister Alexandru Chiciu, at Romania TV.
Elena Udrea complained at the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) against prosecutors in the Bute Gala file, and now she wants to submit a criminal complaint. The ex-Minister accuses investigators that they violated her rights, as well as the law when they pushed other suspects into making denounces that would “give her in” in the Bute Gala File.
“The things did not happen this way yesterday, they happened when Udrea, Breazu were held under arrest and occurred in front of the judge of rights and liberties. There, certain people told certain things, they were included by the judge in a report, the accusations made by the defendants and thus, they became official documents. (…) This is why Ms. Udrea notified the CSM and this is why Ms. Udrea filed a criminal complaint”, lawyer Alexandru Chiciu declared.

Elena Udrea and her lawyer declared that their man of trust, Tudor Breazu, was illegally removed from the central arrest headquarters and carried to a hearing without a lawyer, to denounce her and Traian Basescu.

“It was a declaration made in the courtroom by one of the defendants, removed from the central arrest headquarters and carried to another prosecutor than the one assigned the case, without a lawyer. He was pressured for two hours to say something accusing about me or about Traian Basescu. This was included in the report of a judge”, Elena Udrea declared on Friday, after the first hearing in the “Bute Gala”.
Elena Udrea’s lawyer also confirmed the information about “Elena Udrea’s commenters”, published by journalist Catalin Tolontan, which included information collected during the inquiry in the “Bute Gala” file in Tudor Breazu’s computers as well as those owned by other defendants in the file. Chiciu pointed out that “Elena Udrea had no knowledge whatsoever about such messages and that it would be impossible that she knew the content of 258,140 comments, discussed in an email sent to the former Minister by Cristi Calugaru. Nonetheless, Elena Udrea’s lawyer did not deny her knowledge about the existence of people paid to post certain things on the Internet.
“From this point of view, things were well defined by the prosecutors. There were discussions in this genre. Let us not pretend we are unaware of it, there are these things in electoral battle. The law says that responsibility is very well defined. They are not supposed to make any assumptions, prosecutors are not supposed to make any assumptions, but what about judges?”, Alexandru Chiciu declared, adding that the story of commenters was used as an excuse to extend preventive measures for defendants in the “Bute Gala” file, but now it is the topic of a separated file concerning dirty money that entered PDL accounts.

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