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January 27, 2022

Rovana Plumb: The decision of a reshuffle may be taken after discussions between the party leader and the Prime Minister

Labour Minister Rovana Plumb declared on Monday that the evaluation of any Minister’s performances is a natural thing, and that it is a right of the Prime Minister, following discussions with the party and that the decision of a Government reshuffle may be taken after discussions between the party leader and the Prime Minister.
“The evaluation of any Minister’s performances is a natural thing, I find it normal and it is the right of the Prime Minister, of course, after discussions with the party, to reach certain decisions. This evaluation of Minister’s performances seems like a natural approach to me”, Rovana Plumb replied, when asked about the announcement made by PSD President Liviu Dragnea concerning the evaluation of Ministers.
She also said that the present Government is a good one, that has coherency in their act of ruling, adding that discussions related to the performance of a Minister are the right of the Prime Minister.
“The evaluation is performed by the Prime Minister and I do not think any Minister should express any point of view on this matter. I think that it is a good Government, that has coherency in their act of ruling, a coherency imposed by the Prime Minister, and concerning any other discussions related to any other Minister, regarding their performance, I think that the Prime Minister is the one entitled to conduct them”, Plumb added.
She declared that she could never say whether she was content or not by her own activity at the Ministry.
“I have been with the Labour Minister for a year and a half, a period that allowed many more things to be done, yet, compared to the engagements I have assumed, in collaboration with my other colleagues in the economical department, the figures we have presented to you today, which show an increase of the dynamics in the rate of occupation since 2013 and respectively since 2014, when I came to the Labour Ministry, a decrease of the unemployment rate, both at national level, concerning all people able to work, as well as the unemployment rate for young people, make me responsible to keep monitoring all active measures financed by the work insurance budget and by nonreturnable funds. I will never be able to say whether I am content or not, all I can say is that the evaluation of performances must be made by the Prime Minister, by my colleagues in the party and, especially, by all citizens and even by you”, Plumb further showed.
Asked when a Government reshuffle could be performed, Plumb declared: “This decision will be reached based on discussions between the leader of the party and the Prime Minister.”
PSD President Liviu Dragnea declared on Monday that he has discussed with Prime Minister Victor Ponta about conducting an analysis of the activity of the Government, which might lead to the possibility of a reshuffle, yet the main factor is the improvement in the activity of the Executive, whether there are any issues.
“In the near future, he (Victor Ponta – editor’s note), as well as us, should think about the need, because perhaps there is no need, of certain structures in the change of the Executive. Perhaps as members of the Government or as state secretaries. A serious analysis must be performed. (…) After some time of activity of this Government, or of any other Government, this sort of analysis is needed, until the end of the year, and it should not necessarily lead to changes of Ministers”, Dragnea declared.
The PSD leader mentioned that he had had discussions on this topic with the Prime Minister, both on Sunday, at the Congress, and on Monday, at the Permanent National Bureau meeting.

Liviu Dragnea mentioned that this analysis was to be performed by the Prime Minister, who would afterwards establish with PSD leaders whether measures are needed or not. “If the Prime Minister considers he needs an improvement in his activity in a certain field or not, we will discuss it and if we agree on it, he will have our full support”, Dragnea mentioned.
Asked whether the Prime Minister agreed with the necessity of an analysis, Dragnea replied that it was just a discussion, and discussions “kill nobody”.
The PSD leader also pointed out that even older discontentment concerning the activity of certain Ministers could be taken into account as part of this analysis, as “every element has its impact”, yet he added that “we do not want to annihilate anybody”.

Ponta: The Government I am leading is good, but things could be better

Prime Minister Victor Ponta reacted as well on Monday, after Liviu Dragnea announced that an analysis of the Ministers’ activity was required. The Prime Minister showed that, according to coalition leaders and opinion polls, the Government he was leading was good but “things could always be better”. As for a potential reshuffle, Ponta only said: “When it happens, I will let you know.”
Asked whether a reshuffle was needed, Victor Ponta avoided a straight answer. “I may say that I have only heard, yesterday and today, nothing but acclaim regarding my Government and I am happy about that. On the other hand, there is always room for improvement. I am counting on what the leaders of the coalition and opinion polls are saying: It is a good Government, but things can be better”, Ponta declared.
The Prime Minister refused to answer whether he was discontent with any of the Ministers: “I would tell them, but I would not tell it in front of cameras”.
As for Liviu Dragnea’s statements regarding the evaluation of Ministers, Ponta declared: “We all are evaluated each second and each moment spent in our position”.

After journalists insisted on asking about the time a reshuffle of the Government would take place, the Prime Minister replied: “When it happens, I will let you know”.
“Are you interested in anything else? Or exclusively in gossip? At first, you have talked about how you will change me for a week, now we spend a week talking about whom we change in the Government. These are your issues, not mine”, Ponta concluded.

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