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May 18, 2022

Sorin Oprescu’s former adviser admits to all charges

The Court of Appeal of Bucharest on Tuesday heard the request of Solomon Wigler (photo R), Mayor Sorin Oprescu’s former advisor, also behind bars, for his release form remand. He was referred to trial by the National Anticorruption department (DNA) prosecutors on the charge of a bribe of 204,000 euro for helping with the approval of Zone Urban Plans needed for the development of three supermarkets.
Wigler admitted to all charges, and complained about the fact that his family didn’t even have money to buy bread.
Pavel Abraham, Wigler’s lawyer, challenges the remand measure in the case of his client on grounds that he pleaded guilty of all charges.
‘His keeping on remand any longer is not reasonable. There are no new elements. He has also filed two denunciations. Why is he still locked up?’ he said, according to Evenimentul zilei’. ‘He has admitted to more than he had been asked to. He was bluntly told: ’ the lawyer also said.
‘I am a honest person. I was at DNA’s from 8 in the morning till 7 in the evening and I old them everything. I want this to be over as soon as possible. A dark nightmare has come upon me. I am guilty, but I want to save my family’, Wigler defended himself in Court.
He was brought to trial on 26 June, charged by DNA for the fact that, from May-June 2012 until May 2015, in his capacity as Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu’s private adviser, repeatedly demanded 230,000 euro and received a total of 179,000 euro in several instalments from a person (denouncing witness) in order for him to talk to workers on the administrative staff of the Mayor of the City of Bucharest and Bucharest city councillors.
‘He was my right hand, the same as al my seven advisers who, at that time, were all my right hand. I used the advisers and had their consent for a whole range of projects we were going to develop, so that we could supervise things’, suspended Mayor Sorin Oprescu (photo L), currently under arrest, said.

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