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April 11, 2021

World Statistics Day

Five years ago, on October 20, 2010, a day dedicated to the emphasis of the important role that official statistics plays in society was celebrated for the first time, Eurostat informs.
It was an entirely successful experience, which prompted the United Nations to decide to make World Statistics Day a permanent celebration every five years. This year’s slogan is “Better statistics for a better life.”

“Statistics – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon emphasized in his speech on August 19 – are an essential element for taking decisions based on facts, whatever the cultural and historical characteristics of the countries and independent of their level of development.”

“On this World Statistics Day, I urge all partners and stakeholders to work together to ensure that the necessary investments are made, adequate technical capacity is built, new data sources are explored and innovative processes are applied to give all countries the comprehensive information systems they need to achieve sustainable development,” reads Ban Ki-moon’s message on World Statistics day 2015.

Romanian official statistics, with 156 years of its own tradition, take part in the proper functioning of the European statistics system through always more relevant and viable data.

It is the aegis under which the workers of the National Statistics Institute, as coordinator of the Romanian statistics system, understand to carry out their mission, with professionalism and devotion, living up to the importance of their social responsibility, through “better data for a better life.”
Today, October 20, the National Statistics Institute organizes its Open Doors Day under the slogan “156 years of official Romanian statistics in 120 minutes.”

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