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December 1, 2021

PM Ponta: I think nobody is irreplaceable, myself in the first place

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Tuesday that as far as the ministers in the ruling lineup are concerned, “nobody is irreplaceable,” and that this applies to him in the first place.

Voicing his conviction that nobody is irreplaceable and that he is the first to whom this applies, Ponta said that changes should be made only when a better solution is available. “What matters is the performance of the act of governance,” Ponta said in a phone call with Antena 3 private television broadcaster, asked if he believes in the possibility of a government reshuffle by the end of the year.

Asked about the ministers who might be replaced, the PM said that the priority is the approval of next year’s budget.

“Let’s do our job, approve the budget and whenever we’ll need to have a better solution in place, I will announce you,” he explained, stating also that the decision to change a minister is taken by “permanent consultation and assessment” with chairman of the Social Democrat Party Liviu Dragnea.

Victor Ponta also commented on allegations that he could lose political support and be replaced by Vasile Dancu.

“That’s the role of the media, discuss, analyze scenarios. (…) For the time being I am doing my job as a Prime Minister, the Government should do the same, and as a principle we’ll do it until the end of the term in 2016. We discussed other subjects strictly related to policy in Congress,” said the Premier.

PSD’s Dragnea demands reports from PM, transport minister

Liviu Dragnea, the head of Romania’s ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), says Prime Minister Victor Ponta must analyse his governing within “a reasonable term of two or three weeks.”

“I had a discussion with Victor Ponta, a correct discussion. I told him – and I think he agrees – that he has to perform an analysis in the near future. (…) It is important that he carries out this analysis, and I assured him that if he concludes changes are necessary, we will discuss them and he will have my full support, and I think also the support of our colleagues in the [ruling] coalition. (…) It’s something he must do,” Dragnea told Realitatea TV on Tuesday night.

In the same broadcast, the SocDem leader announced that Transport Minister Iulian Matache will attend next Monday the meeting of PSD’s National Standing Bureau (BPN) to give some explanations about the Sibiu-Orastie motorway, closed early in September; the road must be partly rebuild due to serious cracks.

“Next Monday, Mr. Matache must come to the National Standing Bureau and explain some things to us, too. After I and my colleagues get the explanations, after the BPN, I’ll have my say on the matter. The party, through its leadership, wants to have some explanations about what happened there. Is it his [Matache’s] fault, is it the fault of his predecessors, is anyone else guilty, something happened underground… I don’t know, but I want concrete explanation, not TV talks. I had a discussion with Mr. Matache this Monday morning, after the Congress [the PSD congress that appointed the new party leadership] and we decided he will come with this information next Monday,” said Dragnea.

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