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May 23, 2022

Viaceslav Buhna, General Manager of FamousRoses.eu: From the scent of roses to the scent of money, through passion

The story of a genuine passion has old roots and brings on its altar unavoidable sacrifice on the road to achievement. This also Viaceslav Buhna’s case. He is the General Manager of FamousRoses.eu, and his passion for roses had started while he was attending elementary school and now, it became a successful Romanian business.

“My passion for flowers began when I was in second grade”

– Tell us more about yourself and how your passion for roses began.

I think that my passion for flowers began when I was in second grade and my classmates assigned me to care for the plants in the classroom. My passion for garden roses started in the autumn of 2010, when I visited the world famous Meilland Richardier and Georges Delbard nursery gardens in France. One can hardly imagine what I saw on those fields. Breathtakingly beautiful roses until the line of the horizon. After I graduated the Computers Department of the Polytechnic University in Timisoara, I started working with computers, first in Timisoara, later in Bucharest.

But I soon came to realize that it was not the path I wanted to follow and therefore I decided to become an entrepreneur. At that time, I noticed that there were no online florists in Romania, to deliver flowers at home. (This was happening in the year 2001.) Therefore, in 2002, we launched the first online flower shop in Romania (www.romanianflowershop.com), delivering the most gorgeous and long-lasting flower bouquets anywhere at home in the country. The site had an integrated system of online payment by bank cards, both national and international ones.

– How did this passion turn into a successful business?

Actually, my passion for computers, trade and roses had brought me in the situation to have this successful business with garden roses.

After I returned from France, I started preparations in order to launch my business with garden roses. In May 2011, I launched the FamousRoses.eu website – http://www.famousroses.eu/ – by which we provide our Romanian customers the varieties produced by the well-known Meilland Richardier and Georges Delbard nursery gardens. These nursery gardens are appreciated all over the world for the quality and beauty of the roses they produce. These roses have won countless medals in major international competitions for their beauty, perfume and resistance.
We only managed to make profit in our fourth year.

The profit came in the fourth year since foundation

-On what surface do you plant your roses?

At this time, the nursery garden has 1500 square metres. Here, under certain conditions, we grow both free-rooted roses and those planted in flower pots.

-Do you attend flower exhibitions as well?

Unfortunately, we do not manage to attend exhibitions, as our roses are inveterate to flourish before or after the exhibitions are held.

-Is your rose-growing business a big investment?

In our first year, for building the nursery garden and buying rose saplings, I have invested EUR 18,000, not to mention EUR 4,500 for promotion.

– How long after being initiated did the rose farm start generating profit?

It happened in our fourth year since foundation that we registered profit.

– Where you deliver the roses you produce?

We deliver by courier anywhere in Romania and anywhere in European Union countries.

It is hard to compete with flowers produced in Colombia and Kenya

– It is known that, in our country, most flowers at florists’ shops come from Holland. Do you think this situation will change in time and local producers would be encouraged?

Indeed, so it is. Most flowers come to Romania through the flower market in Holland. Regarding the roses sold in florists’ shops, for several year, increasing quantities of them are produced in Ecuador, Colombia or Kenya, where the climate is excellent for high-quality production at extremely low costs. Due to these facts, I think that Romanian producers may find it hard to compete with these markets.

– What are your plans for your near future, so that your business would become increasingly successful?

For 2015 – 2016, we are focused on finding distributors (garden items selling centres, landscape designers, etc.) both in Romania and in countries of the European Union. In 2016 – 2017, we will focus on promoting FamousRoses.eu to physical persons in European Union countries. And in the 2017-2018 season, we will develop these directions. Also, in the year 2016, we will move the nursery garden to a bigger location, that would allow us to expand.
“Each of our roses has its own story, a story that defines it and makes it all the more special. They are superb, romantic and sophisticated.”

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