Klaus Iohannis urgently called to refugee summit by EC president

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker has invited several leaders, including Klaus Iohannis, to a blitz summit to discuss the refugee issue on Sunday.
Among the special guests to the summit there are the UN High Commissar for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, and other European high officials in the migration crisis. The leaders of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia have been also invited.
The President of the European Commission proposed the introduction of compulsory quotas for the EU member states in the migration matter, but four East-European states opposed: Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The theme has been put back on the agenda recently, after a new wave of immigrants from Syria hit Europe.

Leonard Orban: ‘Romania would be allocated 3.9% of the total number of refugees’

President’s adviser Leonard Orban said on Wednesday that the main theme of the summit called by Jean-Claude Juncker was migration and developments in the region.
‘It is an important conference, because the states are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the inflow of immigrants’, Orban said on Adevarul Live.
In what regards Romania’s attitude not to agree to compulsory quotas, the official said ‘he discussion is not over’ and ‘the justness of Romania’s position will be understood when the relocation mechanism is discussed’.
‘A certain number of people to be taken over is set. It is not the initial mechanism, but the possibility of having a permanent relocation mechanism in place. The discussions are already in progress and we are no longer talking about 6,200 persons, but about percentages. Romania would get 3.9%. The figure grows and there is no certainty that the flow will stop. Each member state should decide on the manner and number. This is why we went as far as to vote against the decision, although we knew we would not be able to block it. Right after the vote on the JAI Council, the president said we had voted NO, but we would enforce the decision. Decisions are made by the JAI Council. Technically, the matter is still under debate. There is an important number of member states that do not agree. There are more member states that oppose the mechanism than those that agree to it. We oppose mechanisms imposing on us mandatory quotas’, Orban also said.
Regarding the first refugees who should reach Romania, the presidential adviser said it was too early to discuss that.
‘We prefer to take the first ones from Greece. The refugees will be also asked. The target is Germany. Germany is making extraordinary efforts. They took by far the most. The signals are not very encouraging. Things have been examined in detail. We have considered bilateral relations and relations with the European Commission. We believe we acted normally in a democratic framework. We explained the reasons for which we were against the compulsory quotas’, he said on Adevarul Live.

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