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May 17, 2021

PNL and PSD to vote for lifting Udrea’s immunity

The Social-Democrats will vote for lifting Elena Udrea’s immunity, PSD President Liviu Dragnea announced on Tuesday.
‘I have actually talked to Mr. Zgonea today. What I said during the congress on Sunday was not just words in the wind. In situations like this one we have absolutely no hesitation. PSD will vote for lifting parliamentary immunity’, Liviu Dragnea said.

‘We will not make an exception for anyone. I said this before, a year ago: Why do we need immunity? We are a few hundred people who enjoy immunity unlike the rest of the millions of Romanians who have no immunity and no protection from the law’, the new PSD president also said.

He added that, in his case, too, PSD would do the same. ‘If, God forbid, they ever ask for lifting my immunity, I will ask my colleagues to do it. If they don’t grant the request, I will resign Parliament’, Dragnea noted.

PNL First Vice-President Teodor Atanasiu said the PNL MPs would be ‘consistent’ and would vote for approving the prosecution of the MP Elena Udrea, dcnews.ro inform.
‘We will definitely be consistent with our latest attitude and will vote for approving the prosecution. In fact, you have seen that, regardless of the political background of the concerned MP, PNL has always been in favour’, said Teodor Atanasiu.
He thinks ‘it’s little likely to have accidents during the vote. The Liberal MPs have become used to the political position we have had and I don’t think we will have any such accidents.

Traian Basescu: ‘I am convinced she will have arguments in Court’

Former President Traian Basescu does not feel targeted by DNA’s recent steps against Elena Udrea and is convinced that she would have arguments in Court.
‘Asked Tuesday night to comment the new prosecutors request for Udrea’s arrest, Basescu said: ‘I see this as a request and I am convinced that Elena Udrea will have arguments in Court’, according to ziare.com.
Asked if he felt targeted in any way by the prosecutors’ action, the ex-president answered: ‘I do not feel targeted, because I know for a fact that there were no illegalities in my activity’.
As for the assumingly illegal transaction of a property DNA prosecutors mention in the new case against Udrea, Basescu says he ahs no idea about what it is about. As a matter of fact, asked if he was aware of the alleged bribe Udrea had taken in order to support Bogdan Buzoianu in his agreements with Hidroelectrica, Basescu declined he idea.
‘No, I am convinced she did not make any such interventions. The Boc Government conducted a true hunt of the so-called smart guys. (…) I have never seen him, I believe I have seen him in two pictures’, said the former president, asked if he knew Buzoianu.

Elena Udrea could lose immunity next Wednesday: Deputies will vote on request for her prosecution and detention/arrest

The MP Elena Udrea might end up under arrest for a third time, if the Chamber of Deputies approves the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) requests for her prosecution, detention and preventive arrest. In this new case, the former minister of regional development and tourism has been charged with bribery, trafficking in influence, instigation o abuse of power, financial operations or transactions incompatible with her office, money laundering and misrepresentation in her asset disclosure form. She is suspected of having got a bribe of USD 5 M.
Judicial sources say that former Cancan owner Radu Budeanu, Evenimentul Zilei owner Dan Andronic and Energy Holding founder Bogdan Buzoianu are concerned in Elena Udrea’s new criminal case where DNA asked the Parliament, on Tuesday, to withdraw the MPs’ immunity from prosecution.
Most probably, the Chamber of Deputies will decide on the Prosecutor General’s request for the prosecution of Elena Udrea and for her detention and arrest on Wednesday. The former minister has three days to study her file, which is quite big.
‘Under the Regulation, the Legal Committee has three days to prevent the report, meaning until Friday. The Standing Bureau of the Chamber will decide on Monday, the term is of 5 days maximum, therefore the plenary meeting will give the final vote most likely next Wednesday’, Chamber Secretary Marcel Ciolacu (PSD) said on Wednesday.
He also said there would be two votes – one on the prosecution request and one on the detention or preventive arrest request.
MP Elena Udrea said on Romania TV Tuesday night that she expected DNA would asked for her arrest in a new case and that she had learnt from sources that the case prosecutor had been assigned the ‘task’ to arrest her by the chief of DNA.
‘I was ready. I don’t know when, but I did know that it was going to happen. (…) I filed a complaint with CMS. I was told by sources that prosecutor Moraru had been assigned the task to arrest me by Kovesi. People are being called on conveyor belt to DNA’s to submit denunciations against me’, Elena Udrea said.
She claims that DNA’s action hides ‘games for taking over the power’. ‘I don’t think Romania will remain blocked in the madness that is going on today. (…) This hides extremely perfidious games for taking the power. (…) Who may trust these abuses will go unpunished is wrong. I will probably carry my cross, but they will pay’, Udrea said on Romania TV.

Udrea rules out having asked Bogdan Buzoianu for money

The former head of PMP denies having receivables worth 900,000 euro representing 90% of the Evenimentul Zilei stock. ‘I have never owned nor do I own the Evenimentul Zilei. I would like to, but I am not the owner. (…) Out of the 7,000 cases DNA have, they are only dealing with Elena Udrea’s. This is the third major case against me. They laid the paint too thick. (…) I have never held receivables or shares in Evenimentul Zilei’, Elena Udrea said.
She said the magistrates hearing her Gala Bute case could be influenced by her being prosecuted in a different matter. ‘This can also be a type of pressure. Probably someone is thinking

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