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April 13, 2021

Prince Nicholas, allegedly expelled from Royal House due to occult relations

Journalist Marilena Rotaru wrote at the beginning of this week that Prince Nicholas was allegedly “tempted into occult circles frequented by ambiguous characters, a genuine fauna lacking any scruples” and this way the reason why King Michael I wanted to remove him from the line to the throne and withdraw all his titles.

“Finding hard to hold back her own emotions, Her Royal Highness announced me about the King’s wish to tell me personally what had led to the decision of August 10, 2015. (…) I have no enforcement from behalf of the King of Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess to publicly release His Majesty’s message. I assume full responsibility for my deed, as a faithful soldier, who throws himself to the first line, in order to defend his king. The King who on his turn had always defended the Romanian nation, yet he has never defended himself. (…) Here, we are talking about the person who had worn the name Prince Nicholas. Behind the face we grew emotionally attached to, in whom we placed are hopes, expecting the continuation of royalty and the Romanian monarchy, forces were lurking, destined to degrade to the lowest degree the image of the King and of the Royal House of Romania”, the journalist writes.

“Tempted into occult circles frequented by ambiguous characters, politicians and underground figures, close to the former President, a genuine fauna lacking any scruples, Nicholas has become, and accepted to become, without realizing the danger, the sought instrument for the prepared blow. His naivety, the fact that he could not be provided in his childhood the education destined to a future Crown Prince, his inability to accept the high expectations imposed by his new status, the massive amount of celebrity earned in a terribly short time, as a result of his mere physical presence, his nonconformism, carried beyond acceptable limits had identified him as the perfect weapon to attack the Royal House again. As a Romanian saying puts it, “his hat was too big for him”, Marilena Rotaru further notes.

King Michael signed on August 1 a document withdrawing his grandson Nicholas, Princess Elena’s son, the title of “Prince of Romania” and the quality of “Royal Highness”, the Secretariat of the Royal House had announced in a press release.
Moreover, the King expelled Nicolae from the Succession Line to the Romanian Crown, under the circumstances thar Prince Nicholas was the third successor in the line, following Princess Margaret and Princess Elena (his mother).

“The Royal family and the Romanian society will need a leadership under the sign of modesty, a well balanced one, based on moral principles, respect and focusing on the benefit of other people”, the respective press release pointed out.
The former Prince Nicholas replied on his personal Facebook account after the accusations launched against him by a close friend of Romania’s Royal House surfaced. “There is something more terrible than calumny: the truth”, was the Talleyrand quote used by Medforth Mills, the former Prince Nicholas, to reply to the accusations.

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