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January 16, 2021

Qatari Foreign Minister visits Romania: Foreign Minister Aurescu to present on October 28 in Madrid initiative to create International Court against Terrorism

Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu announced on Wednesday that he will pay an official visit to Madrid next week to present the Romanian-Spanish initiative regarding the creation of the International Court against Terrorism.

“On October 28 I will make a bilateral visit to Madrid where (…) I will present this initiative to the prestigious group (…) which is an international organization created to promote democracy and good governance and to elaborate answers to crises, which gathers former presidents and prime ministers. I hope that our initiative will have the impact we aim for,” Aurescu stated during the joint conference with his Qatari counterpart Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Attiyah.

According to a release by the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), the Qatari Foreign Minister’s visit to Bucharest took place in the context of the 25-year anniversary of Romania – Qatar diplomatic relations and is subsequent “to important moments of the bilateral agenda, namely the visit by the Romanian Prime minister to Doha and the meeting of the two Foreign Affairs ministers on the sidelines of the EU Ministerial Council – Gulf Cooperation Council (May 2015).”

The source says that during talks, the two officials reviewed the stage of the bilateral stage and its perspectives, highlighting the dynamic character and the upward evolution of the last period of the political, diplomatic dialogue.

The two dignitaries expressed their wish to deepening on-sector cooperation in common interest fields, such as agriculture, mining, infrastructure, health care, the emergency medical care included, and tourism, the balneary tourism included, too.

“The bilateral relation between Romanian and the State of Qatar is vibrant, with an upward evolution lately. (…) Our relationships potential is very good and we wish to capitalize it to its best. We wish to forge a partnership based on trust with the State of Qatar, to reflect both the increased dynamic of the political contacts, and the strengthening of the economic relations between our countries. We are interested to widen this dimension of bilateral cooperation, to the level of the businesspeople communities and the tourist connections. As a sign of this growing interest of Romania, we have recently opened in Doha an Economic and Commercial Office of the Romanian state, to support the consolidation of the bilateral economic cooperation. We have discussed today about the organization of a new session of the joint intergovernmental economic committee, yet we also stressed the importance to put into direct contact businesspeople of Romania and Qatar,” the minister Bogdan Aurescu said.

The Qatari minister hailed in his turn the Romanian side’s proposition to organizing a new session of the intergovernmental joint committee for economic and technical and scientific cooperation in the first half of 2016.

Aurescu expressed Romania’s support for the inclusion of Qatar in the EU visa-free circulation programme.

The two officials also tackled international agenda topics of interest, stressing on the Middle East evolutions, the fight against terrorism and the migration phenomenon, minister Aurescu reiterating Romania’s support for a political solution to the region’s crises.

“We have reasserted our joint will to strengthen, revive the high level political dialogue, considering the complex regional evolutions that affect the international political arena. In reference to the Israeli-Palestinian file, I have presented the Qatari minister the conclusions and outcome of the visit I paid, in the past two days, to Israel and Palestine and I thank him for the assessment from the prospect of Qatar upon resuming the peace process in the Middle East. It is of utmost importance that the ongoing violence ceases faster. Likewise, we talked in detail about the outlook of the Iraqi file, given the recent armed intervention of the Russian Federation, about the perspectives of the Libyan file and expressed hope that a national union government will be set up quickly in Libya, so that the international community could give the necessary assistance to the state’s consolidation,” the Romanian diplomacy’s head added.

Minister Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah also announced that he studies, alongside the Romanian party, the initiative to establish an International Court against Terrorism.

Romania, Qatar sign agreement on justice cooperation

An agreement on justice cooperation was signed on Wednesday in Bucharest by Romanian Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc and visiting State of Qatar’s Foreign Affairs Minister Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Attiyah.

The Romanian justice minister underscored that this first bilateral instrument reconfirms the desire of the two sides to consolidate their cooperation in the justice area, while opening new avenues to identify the best means and mechanisms of approaching legal matters of common interest.

“It is a general cooperation agreement between Romania and Qatar. We actually lay the foundations for an organisational relationship. We have good relations with Qatar. (…) A de facto cooperation has long been established, it is a very good cooperation, now we are trying to establish one on an organisational level. Technically, we shall create a committee that will review the cooperation areas mainly in civil law matters, as in criminal law matters we already cooperate,” Cazanciuc said at the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) headquarters.

According to Cazanciuc, under this agreement, the parties plan to achieve a more efficient exchange of legislative information, experience and good practices among experts of the two countries, by organising visits for research, seminars and conferences, as well as by establishing partnerships, under the leadership of a joint committee made up of representatives of the two ministries.

PM Ponta meets Qatar Foreign Minister Al Attiyah

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday welcomed visiting State of Qatar’s Foreign Minister Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Attiyah.

“During the talks the two officials assessed the stage of the Romanian-Qatari relations and the progress with materialising the projects established on a visit the Romanian prime minister paid to Doha in May this year. They also reiterated the interest of the two countries in consolidating the economic dimension of the bilateral cooperation, mainly in the areas of energy, information technology, investment in transport infrastructure, tourism and agriculture,” the Government informs in a press statement to Agerpres.

At the same time, the Romanian prime minister praised the new dynamics in the political, diplomatic and economic relations with the State of Qatar and encouraged Qatari investors’ interest in the business opportunities in Romania.

“Moreover, they had an opinion exchange on the security developments in the Middle East and the Gulf region,” the statement reads.

The Government says the visit of the foreign high-ranking official takes place in the context of the 25th anniversary on October 22, 2015, of diplomatic ties between Romania and the State of Qatar.

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