Defence Minister’s message on Romanian Army Day: Romania implements own reshaping, adaptation measures of defensive capacities to new realities

Romania, in agreement with the assumed commitments is implementing its own measures of reconfiguration, adaptation of its defensive capacities to the realities generated by the security environment’s degradation in its neighbourhood, the NATO forces integration unit (NFIU) has already been activated, and the Southeast Multinational Division Command will be built shortly, on Friday said the Romanian National Defence Minister, Mircea Dusa, in his message to the Romanian Army Day.

“We are crossing, alongside our allies, a complex period from the viewpoint of the security situation. The crisis in Ukraine and the events on the Southern flank have forced the North-Atlantic Alliance to rethink priorities and implement the measures of reassurance and adaptation of the member states to the new situation. In this respect, the Alliance moved to the foundation of a new strategic vision, which means the increment of the reaction speed and the building of some command and control structures to prevent and fight the new threats, included in the Action Plan for the Increase of the Alliance’s Operational Capacity,” reads the message sent to Agerpres.

According to the source, the two allied command-control structures, that are going to operate on our country’s territory mean a NATO’s visible, persistent presence in Romania and will have a key-role in guaranteeing the link between the national and the NATO forces, thus fulfilling command and control functions should situations of deploying of a new Alliance’s Rapid Response Force would be required.

Nationally, Romania’s priority will be the strengthening of the Army’s operational capacity.

“In this respect, we succeeded in assuring the significant growth of the Defence budget allocations and from 2017 we shall allocate 2pct of the GDP to the Defence budget for the next 10 years. Also as regards the strengthening of the capacities of action of the military structures, we have increased this year for about three times the number of the training and preparation exercises, of those almost 340 exercises this year, cca 40 with international participation,” Dusa mentioned.

“We shall further give a special importance to the implementation of the measures set through the strategic partnerships of Romania, in particular with the United States of America, with its two significant dimensions, the project of the Deveselu ballistic missile shield and the development of the multi-modal node within the Mihail Kogalniceanu transit Centre,” the minister added.

“Given the missions accomplished today countrywide and in the theatre operations, the Romanian military fall short of their forerunners’ weapon facts. In these moments, our thoughts are with the military in missions, far from the dear ones, in the operations theatres of Afghanistan, the Western Balkans, under the UN umbrella or in operations led by the UN, the EU or the OSCE. (…) Our army’s participation in humanitarian, peace-keeping and terrorism fight operations will remain a basic goal of the Romanian security policy,” reads the message.

According to the Defence minister, this year we celebrate 70 years since the end of the Second World War, 70 years of peace, “70 years far from the horror of a war that marked the entire humankind.” Out of the official statistics, the price paid by Romania at the end of the WW II was painful, as our country recorded over 900,000 dead, wounded, missed, war prisoners and war invalids (out of whom rd 92,000 troops lost their lives).

As a tribute to those who have written the country’s glorious history in blood and sacrifice, in devotion and courage, says minister Dusa, the Government has declared the year 2015 as Year of War Veterans, and the National Defence Ministry has assumed a series of memorial actions, the long of the entire year, in all of the large garrisons countrywide.

” Seven decades after the end of this war, on the Romanian Army Day we, the next generations who have never forgotten them, are bowing with respect and gratitude in front of the memory of the heroes who lost their lives on the battlefields. We also send a thought of appreciation to the 20,000 war veteran, 760 war widows and 102,000 war veterans’ widows,” the message concludes.

Mircea Dusa promotes 28 retired military

National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa promoted 28 retired military in a festivity hosted by the ministry headquarters on Friday.

The ceremony was part of the events dedicated to the Romanian Army Day celebrated on October 25.

“70 years since the end of World War Two, by a Government Resolution we declared that 2015 is the Year of the War Veterans, as a token of appreciation and respect for the military who put their lives in danger so that Romania might be what it is today. (…) We organised various events that eulogized the activity of the military, for what they did in history, for Romania to be complete, to be a unitary state, a state respected in the world”, Dusa said.

The minister recalled the moves made for the Romanian servicemen – increasing the veterans’ benefits, rehabilitating monuments raised in their honour – and announced that on Sunday, October 25 he will inaugurate the first Romanian cemetery in the Russian region of Volgograd, where thousands of Romanian troops were killed in World War Two.

“A delegation of the National Defence Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry will visit Russia, Volgograd region on Sunday, on the Army Day, to inaugurate the first cemetery where the military who lost their lives in the Russian territory will be re-buried. Also on October 25 we will visit Carei, the last [Romanian] town liberated by the Romanian Army (on October 25, 1944 – editor’s note), where a monument was raised. Actually, the Army Day will be related to this event, the liberation of the last [Romanian] town”, the minister explained.

Dusa wished good health to the promoted servicemen and communicated the state’s appreciation for what the military do in the service of the Romanian nation.

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