PM Ponta on Army Day: We eliminated underfunding, ensured military training conditions

In the past years, the Government made it to eliminate the underfunding at the National Defence Ministry (MApN) and ensure proper training conditions for the armed forces, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said in a message on Friday to the Romanian military, on the Army Day, to be celebrated countrywide on Sunday, October 25.

“This Sunday is Romanian Army Day. I wish all the Romanian military all the best. I want to tell them that, beyond the good thoughts, we have also succeeded in ensuring training conditions, gear, we have eliminated underfunding,” the Premier said, in the debut of the Government sitting.

Ponta added that after more than 70 years, the Government also managed to organize a cemetery of the Romanian soldiers fallen during the Second World War on the Stalingrad battlefield.

“We have accomplished another thing which I believe it’s important: after 70 years, as the other countries honour their heroes, we have funded and organized a cemetery for the Romanian soldiers fallen at Stalingrad,” he explained.

On October 25, an official ceremony for the inauguration of the Romanian graveyard of honour will be held at Rossoshka, the first war necropolis built for the Romanian fallen troops on the battlefield of Stalingrad, according to a release of the National Defence Ministry.

Romanian Army Day celebrations in Bucharest on Sunday

The Romanian Army Day will be celebrated on Sunday in Bucharest with a series of events organized at the heroes monuments, the National Defence Ministry informed.

A wreath and garland laying ceremony will take place at the Monument of Homeland Heroes at the “Carol I” National Defence University. A military and religious ceremony is scheduled for 10:00 at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Carol Park where wreaths and garlands will be laid as a tribute the fallen soldiers, and about 300 students and trainees of the Military Technical Academy will take the oath.

Two urns with earth brought from the Republic of Kalmykia (Russian Federation) will be laid at the site where the Romanian Graveyard of Honor will be inaugurated, the first war cemetery built for the Romanian soldiers fallen in the Stalingrad battles.

Beginning 11:00 hrs, the Memorial of the Nation’s Heroes in Carol Park holds an Open Door Day, with an artistic show offered by the Military Band of the Ministry of Defence, the “Doina” Army Club Ensemble, the “Andantino” Ensemble of the National Military Club. An exhibition of military equipment, a presentation of the activities of the various Army forces, of the National Military Museum and of the “Steaua” Sports Club, as well as of the educational offer of the Technical Military Academy complete the agenda of the day; children have a platform for games and contests fitted out for them, complete with a zip-line and a climbing wall, they can engage in an asphalt drawing contest, ride a horse in a special perimeter, or enter a running contest.

A military wreath laying ceremony will be held as of 11:00 hrs at the Monument of the Heroes fallen in the Theaters of Operations and in Romania, in Bucharest’s Youth Park.

The string of events will wrap up at 18:30 with a torchlight retreat parade on the route National Military Club Palace, Regina Elisabeta Blvd., Mihai Kogalniceanu Blvd., Splaiul Independentei, Cotroceni Bridge, Cotroceni Blvd., Iuliu Maniu Blvd., Vasile Milea Blvd., Drumul Taberei, Land Forces General Staff headquarters.

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