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August 15, 2022

Robert Cazanciuc intends to suggest the renewal of Tiberiu Nitu and Laura Codruta Kovesi’s terms

Robert Cazanciuc appreciated that the results achieved by Tiberiu Nitu and Laura Codruta Kovesi as Heads of the General Prosecutors’ Office and respectively DNA are praiseworthy, and recommended a prolongation of their terms.

“If I will be the Justice Minister at that time and if the two of them will express their agreement, I will surely do it, because results show quite clearly that they knew how to lead these institutions to performance, besides discussions in the public space referring to certain causes, perhaps not understood or explained enough. You cannot reveal publicly, as a prosecutor, all data until an investigation is finished. You have to wait until a judge reaches a solution, this is the natural way, to see whether the approach of a prosecutor was wrong or not”, the Justice
Minister declared on Wednesday, according to DC News.
Asked if the decision to prolong the terms of the two heads of the prosecuting authorities belongs to him entirely or whether it may be sensitive to political intrusion, Cazanciuc declared: “It will certainly belong entirely to the Justice Minister, if I will be in this position. If it is someone else, I cannot reply to your question”.

Reaction to charges against Iliescu: “Things must be sorted out”

Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc commented on Friday, referring to Ion Iliescu’s hearing at the General Prosecutors’ Office, after the former President was accused of offences against humanity in the Miners’ Riots File, referring to the events of June 1990.

“At the time being, I am unfamiliar with the details of the file, outside of the things that appeared throughout the years in the public space or of what I knew when I was working for the General Prosecutors’ Office. Yet, if there are things to clarify at the level of procedure, they have to be clarified.

You were referring to history. In order to help historians gain accurate information, it is right that all judicial procedures would be solved. If there are ongoing procedures, they must be finished and a solution should be issued, regardless of what it is, regardless of whether it would please or not the involved parties.
I hope that prosecutors will clarify as many aspects as possible as soon as possible because, if we talk about the Miners’ Riot, there certainly is a justified major interest from behalf of the public opinion in order to have a solution and to sort things out.

Throughout the time, there were various accusations concerning the investigators, that they ignored certain things that have been said, certain accusations and so on. I think that all things connected to a cause must be taken into account, and legal procedures must be used and cleared out. It is everyone’s best interest to have things clear”, Robert Cazanciuc declared for dcnews.ro.

The Minister added that, throughout the time, there were several solutions issued. “If additional data appeared in the meanwhile, prosecutors had the duty to investigate it. New facts about events may surface at any time, especially in the case of ample events, such as those of 1990. As I was saying, everyone should be interest to have things sorted out as soon as possible”, Robert Cazanciuc concluded.

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